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[ADDMORE/PICS] 120818 SJ feat. f(x) (Oops)- SMTOWN In Seoul [2]

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[PICS] 120818 SJ feat. f(x) (Oops)- SMTOWN Live In Seoul 

cr: nate via welovevictoria


(Source: welovevictoria)

[NEWS] Eunhyuk reveals that Victoria calls him “oppa” even though they are close in age!

Super Junior‘s dance machine Eunhyuk revealed that f(x)‘s Victoria keeps calling him “oppa” when their birthdays are close enough to be considered the same age.

On the July 17th broadcast of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, Eunhyuk opened his story saying, “Victoria, who is a friend, keeps calling me oppa… I was born in ’86, and Victoria was born early in ’87, so in terms of actual age we are the same, yet she keeps calling me oppa.”

He then added, “Victoria and BoA are friends as well. And she even calls Kyuhyun oppa when he is younger than her.” Eunhyuk then finally asked Victoria why she insisted on calling everyone oppa or unni.

Victoria explained, “I call everyone who debuted before me oppa, or unni. I even call Girls’ Generation members unni.”

Listening to her explanation, Kyuhyun spoke up about his experience with Victoria calling him oppa. “I thought she was younger than me since she kept calling me oppa, but it turns out she is a nuna. After I found out, it became a little awkward between us, but when Victoria resumed calling me oppa we went back to being close again.”

Source & Photo: Xportsnews via Nate



[English] ‘When Love Walked In’ (English Transcript)

Before we start, if you hate the (fail) snarkiness (it’s late! I couldn’t do anything too creative or funny!) - for one, I intend to sub this (without the snarkiness) so this is just a rough transcript for now and I couldn’t do it all without SOME comments (and I’m way too lazy to delete them). Two…I’ve watched almost all of Calvin’s dramas. Or tried to. I don’t dislike him as a person but as an actor, I can’t deal with him. I’m sorry. Three…this just entertains me. LOL.

Since this is a fan tumblr (and I should be a respectful admin, right? ^_^) and not my personal one, I allowed the comments to be taken out! Sorry. If you want to read the snarkiness, just visit the original post. -poga

On the bright side, Victoria is so wonderfully gorgeous! *sobs* So proud of her. And her acting - she looks amazing and her acting seems great.


Please credit me in full if you take this out. Thanks. ^_^

Victoria = Shen Ya Yin
Zhoumi = Lu Shang Lin
Calvin = Qin Yu Jiang

00:13 “Don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you forever.”

00:22 (Victoria voiceover) “Even until now, I can’t forget that little boy and that glass globe.  That year we separated, he said he’d come back and told me to wait for him.”

00:30 (Bridge Scene) “Did he really return? If he returned and couldn’t find me, would he think that I’ve forgotten him?”

Victoria: “I’ve returned! Are you still here? Where are you, exactly?”

1: 06 “You three…whoever can find Yayin and earn her trust, is my future grandson-in-law, and you could be my future successor.”

1:17 “The three of us are the best friend, but the CEO gave us this difficult issue for us to compete. But we are always unable to reject it or withdraw. Whatever happens, our relationship does not change. We are always best friends.”

1:30 “Imagine, if my daughter is the Yuan family granddaughter, then won’t we prosper?”

“Mom, you want me to pretend to be Ya Yin?”

1:40 “Grandfather.”

“Now, I want to officially tell everyone - this is my granddaughter, Ya Yin.”

1:49 “But isn’t Shen Ah Yin me?”

1:51 “Yi Ru.”

“Don’t ever call me that. Under this roof, never call me that name.”

“Older Sister, how can you say that? She’s our mother!”

“Under this roof, she isn’t my mother either!”

“How could you say that? How could you say I’m not your mother?”

“I said it long ago. Once we began this ruse, we’ll act it to the end. If you guys don’t listen to my words, just leave now. Better than staying and ruining it.”

2:26 “The girl you have here, she isn’t Shen Ya Yin. She’s just pretending to be your granddaughter.”


“Even this kind of thing, you guys can do? You truly have no hearts.” (It’s an idiom that basically means they did something horrible/unforgiveable).

“CEO, I know I did wrong. It’s all my fault for thinking of this kind of thing. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please forgive us.”

2:43 “You must continue searching. You can’t leave anything else. Whatever happens, you MUST find my granddaughter.”

2:49 “Do you still remember, the girl who came that time when we asked the Chen family’s restaurant to send food.”

Victoria: “I came to send food.”

“She’s the true Shen Ya Yin. Your true granddaughter.”

“It’s her?”

3:00 “Introducing my granddaughter, Shen Ya Yin.”

Calvin: “Why are you here?”

Victoria: *mehrong*

Victoria: “Qin Yu Jiang” *kisses him*

“You!…What are you doing?”

3:23 Zhoumi: “I truly like Ya Yin. This has nothing to do with the pressure my father is giving me.

3:30 “Yu Jiang, I like you. Ever since I was small I’ve liked you, even until now. “

3:47 “Ya Yin. Let’s not hide from it any longer. Let’s date.”

“Yu Jiang…”

4:09 “Ya Yin. I did something unforgivable. And I can never forgive myself for it.”

4:18 Zhoumi: “If you decide to be with Ya Yin, then you can’t harm her! Or I’ll never forgive you!”

Calvin: “If you were me, for the sake of protecting Ya Yin, don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing!”

Zhoumi “I-”

4:27 Calvin:”If we don’t fix this now, my scandal will become the company’s scandal. At that time Grandfather and Ya Yin will fall with me.”

4:36 “So the only solution is that you reject me”

Victoria: “I can’t do it”

Calvin: “But I really don’t have no choice. I can bear it all, but I know Ya Yin won’t be able to. I can deal with anything else, but I cannot deal with Ya Yin suffering like this.”

4:57 Calvin: “So Shang Lin, let’s say it is me begging you. Start chasing Ya Yin wholeheartedly.”

5:05 “Ya Yin. Forget me, please. If I’m the thorn in your heart, then please pluck this thorn from your heart. Before it pricks someone else.”

5:15 Victoria: “Okay. I’ve heard what you said. And I know I shouldn’t delay anymore. But I need some time to think it over.”

Calvin: “Of course you can. But the condition is I hope you accept Shang Lin. Or I’ll forever disappear. Forever disappear from everyone’s sight.”

5:40 Calvin: “The engagement between Miss Shen Ya Yin and I has been cancelled. Now all that remains is the simple relationship of colleagues.”

Calvin (placing ring back in her hand): “From now on, I , Qin Yu Jiang, truly separate from you.”

6:03: “Don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you forever.”

Translated by POGA
Video cr: jillie022

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[FANTAKEN] 120609 Victoria (& Zhou Mi) - SMTown LIVE in Taiwan [5]
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[FANCAM] 120609 Victoria & Zhou Mi - ‘Marry Me Today / 今天你要嫁給我' {SMTOWN Taiwain}

| Part 2 | Part 3 |

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Soo sweet. SM’s resident Chinese besties are jjang!

[FANTAKEN/ADDMORE] 120520 Suju ft. f(x) - Oops at SMTOWN Live in LA [6]

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[FANTAKEN/ADDMORE] 120520 Suju ft. f(x) - Oops at SMTOWN Live in LA [6]
cr: rightful owners| processic

[FANTAKEN/ADDMORE] 120520 f(x) - SMTOWN Live in LA [5]

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[FANTAKEN/ADDMORE] 120520 Suju ft. f(x) - Oops! at SMTOWN Live in LA [4]

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OMG, all new outfits! Excitement!


[FANTAKEN] 120512 f(4) with Super Junior at Super Show 4 in Tokyo

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I wanna see clear picks of the girls!

[FANTAKEN] 120512 f(4) with Super Junior at Super Show 4 in Tokyo
cr: as tagged || -Vo

I wanna see clear picks of the girls!