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[INFO] f(x) Schedule On December 19, 2011


40th anniversary Of The Korean Culture and Information Service

Location : Westin Chosen Hotel

Date : Dec 19, 2011

Time : 7:15 - 7:25 pm (only 10 mins)


Translated by NaKi

source : DC fx || Song Qian Bar

Interesting. They have an appearance for only 10mins?


[Info]f(x) is scheduled to debut in Japan on January 2012


SM’s calendar : 

cr: @ KoreaSJELFs

Taken from – Forsongqian



[Schedule] F(X) 2nd /Oct

[Info] MBC POWER Concert - Date: 2011.10.2 - Location: Busan Asiad Stadium - Time: 8:00pm KST 

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[INFO] 2PM will be featured on Elle Girl Japan Magazine release on 12 September 2011, and Nikkei Entertainment! Vol.2 14 September 2011

[Quick Update] Khuntoria’s Flight to Maldive

They took SQ462, and according to Flightstat.com, they will be arriving in Maldive in 1hr and 52mins. Will continue to update you guys. 



[SCHEDULE] 2PM & f(x) - Major Schedules



7/26 Summer Festival (MBC) - 2pm & fx

7/29 2011 Oak Valley Summer Festival - fx

7/29 - 7/31 Thai for Eversense Fan Meeting - 2pm

8/13 Music Wave - 2pm & fx

8/17 - 8/18 JYP Concert at Tokyo - 2pm


cr: winnie bar

[Info]2pm’s performance @ Cabi Water park.

On the 22/07/2011,

2PM, T-PAIN, UV etc.. will be having a performance @ Cabi Water Park in Yongsan . The performances will start before 4pm. [Some of the tickets will be given FOC to Twitter friends] Do check it out that day. 

cr:witheverland, translated/Khun-best_后援会, Valerie@khuntorialurve.

[INFO] 2PM’s Schedules 13072011-17072011

Wed 13 Jul   KBS2 Music Bank in Tokyo Dome [Japan][Record]

Fri 15 Jul      KBS2 Music Bank [Broadcast][6.05PM]

Sat 16 Jul     MBC Music Core [Broadcast][04.00PM]
                   MBC We Got Married  [Khun,2PM][Broadcast][05.10PM]       
                   KBS2 Immortal Song 2  [Junsu][Broadcast][05.50PM]
                   KBS 1 Open Concert [Record][8.00PM]   

                   SBS Plus 2pm Show [Broadcast][11.00PM] 

 Sun 17 Jul   SBS Inkigayo  [Broadcast][03.50PM]


Thanks for the tip V!


2PM will be performing at Olympic Hall Opening Ceremony (Stage II) at 7:00PM today^^

[SCHEDULES] Khuntoria filled week 15062011

Seems we are getting another jammed pack week of Khuntoria! yay can’t wait!!

[June 13-Mon] f(x) MV Teaser, 2pm Picture Teaser

[June 14-Tues] F(X) The 1st album repackage [Hot summer] Album release

[June 15-Wed] 2pm “Hands Up” Teaser

[June 17-Fri] f(x) Music Bank Comeback, Cabi CF Release

[June 18-Sat] f(x) Music Core Comeback, WGM

[June 19-Sun] f(x) Inkigayo Comeback

Hang on tight Khuntorians, lots to spazz about. lol


[Info] Khuntoria June Schedules [Don’t miss it :)]

11/06/2011- 26/06/2011


-F(X) The 1st album repackage [Hot summer] Teaser video release

-2PM 2nd Album - Teaser Picture

-SBS Starking  [Khun, Junho, Chansung][Record]


-F(X) The 1st album repackage [Hot summer] Album release


2PM 2nd Album - Teaser Video


-[Broadcast] F(X) KBS 2TC Music Bank [ Hot Summer]

-[Event] Look Optical Fan Sign [6.30pm]


-[Broadcast] MBC Music Core [ Hot summer] [4.00pm]

-[Broadcast] WGM [Khuntoria] [5.10pm]


-[Broadcast SBS 2TV Inkigayo [Hot Summer] [3.50pm]


-[Release]2pm 2nd Album-Song 


-[Release]2pm 2pm album

24/06/2011-Friday [Khun’s bday]

-[Broadcast] F(X) KBS Music Bank [ Hot Summer]

-[Broadcast] 2pm comeback stage KBS Music Bank


-[Broadcast] MBC Music Core [ Hot summer] [4.00pm]

-[Broadcast] WGM [Victoria] [5.10pm]


[Broadcast SBS 2TV Inkigayo [Hot Summer] [3.50pm]



translated/Valerie@khuntorialurve [For victoria schedules]

[Info] 2pm’s confirmed comeback dates.

I just got info/dates regarding 2pm Comeback.

★2011.06.13 TEASER Release.★ 2011.06.21 Album Release.★ 2011.06.24 ComeBack Stage.★

and Junho’s CB haircolour is grey.



Stay tune for more updates regarding 2pm’s CB.


[Schedule]Khuntoria New schedule 27/05-28/05

-27 May Fri
[NK]NEPA Fan Sign-Busan 
[Vic][6.05PM]F(X) @ KBS2 Music Bank [Broadcast]

-28 May Sat
[Vic][NK][Concert] [ 6:30 KST] Dream Concert 2011 @ Seoul World Cup Stadium
[Vic][04:10PM] MBC-TV Music Core [Broadcast]
[Khuntoria][05.15PM] MBC-We got married [Broadcast]
[Vic][6.30PM]SBS StarKing [Broadcast]

This saturday is the best day?? lol ^^

Check out Khuntorialurveschedule.tumblr.com for their latest schedule :).



[Event Info] F(X) Half Time at Rugby Match@ 05/06/2011.

Promotion Poster for F(X) Half Time show @ Rugby Match on 05/June/2011.  

cr: info/kv cafe, translated/winniebar,khuntorialurve. 


[Info] 2pm’s cameo in HJM <Bossli> Drama

I just got info that on the 15th of May, 2pm and 70 Hottest Japan Mobile member gathered at the Tokyo and filmed HJM [Bossli] Drama.

It is said to release on this thur or next thur . Stay tune

cr: info/winniebar, translated/Valerie@khuntorialure