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[INFO] f(x)’s ‘Electric Shock’ MV Has Reached over 7 Million Views!

In just 3 days, f(x)’s 'Electric Shock' MV has been viewed over 7 million times (7,348,499 views) on Youtube!

This is the fastest any f(x) MV has made it to this mark. Congratulations f(x)! This is soo awesome!! Keep watching the MV (let’s make it 10 million) and don’t forget to support by buying the album!

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[GIFS] 120515 f(x) - ‘Electric Shock’ MV Making Film [2]
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[GIFS] 120515 f(x) - ‘Electric Shock’ MV Making Film
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[SCREENCAPS] 120613 The Beautifully Blond Victoria - ‘Electric SHock’ MV
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[GIFS] f(x)  e l e c t r i c  s h o c k  n a n a n a n a ~

Totally love it!! Check out last year’s version for Hot Summer!

[GIF] 120613 Victoria - Simply Electrifying!
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[GIF] 120613 Victoria - Simply Electrifying!cr: as tagged-Vo

[GIF] 120613 Victoria in f(x)’s ‘Electric SHock’ MV - PRetty In Pink!
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[GIF] 120613 Victoria in f(x)’s ‘Electric SHock’ MV - PRetty In Pink!cr: kimjongiloppa-Vo

[GIFS] f(x) - ‘Electric Shock’ Teaser Awesomeness!
cr: domino-fx
The MV kinda looks like a reloaded mix of Pinocchio & Hot Summer MVs (even down to the shoes) with a little … electricity! Can’t wait for the full mv!

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[GIFS] Victoria Clips in ‘Electric Shock’ MV Teaser!

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Soo pretty and colourful!
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[VID] 2PM - ‘Beautiful’ PV (Original + Dance Version)

Download here.

cr: HeyInsomnia via wild2day

The choreography is very intricate! You can see how much 2PM had improved as dancers. *proud*


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[GIFS] 2PM - Beautiful [WARNING; may cause bursting of ovaries lol]

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