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[FANVID] Khuntoria ¨Dream come True¨

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11:21 of pure perfection; grab a couple of kleenex you might need them *sniff*


[FANVID] Khuntoria Skinship compilation

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[VIDEO] Nichkhun - Woody Talk Preview eng subs transcript

The MC asked khun if it’s hard to reveal his relationship to public. Khun said it must be so hard , he’s not sure about one another’s future (like they’ll be lovers til the end). cause he’s not sure whether it’ll bring the status of the girl up/down. and If it cause her down, he may not be able to help her and he’ll feel guilty if in the future they break up. So the MC said how about being down both him and the girl? Khun said then it’s alright and quite fair LOL he’s  kind of joking

Later MC asked the girl is older or younger than khun. He think for long time and keep saying the phrase “current girlfriend…” then he said do you have another question? lol

He also said in this life(idol life?) he’s only asked 1-2 girls for their numbers - long pause - then he talks about how
he’s very shy and not that brave. especially when he see or is with the girl he likes he cant do anything right lol

And then he’s talking about how theres some girls’ who he likes but let go…sort of thing. Then woody asks
if there was one from thailand who he thinks is very cute but had no oppotunity, he said there was one but
when Woody asked him who he just laughed.

Also, he does not have an ideal type of girl much.

PS. i also think the person he talked about is a really popular woman cause he’s quite worry about her popularity.

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[SCREENCAP/VIDEO] Nichkhun (in blue) watching Vic fencing 

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[SCREENCAP/VIDEO] Nichkhun (in blue) watching Vic fencing 
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[ENG SUB/LINKS] Running Man Episode 104