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The Tale of the Aristocratic Commoner

Chapter 1

Despite living in a time of relative peace; the people of the great Joseon nation were beginning to recognize the growing disparity between the upper and lower classes. Individuals belonging to the lower class understood the hazards of overstepping the invisible boundary, which separated the aristocrats from the commoners.

While there were those who greatly resented the entire social construct; Hwan Ni Khun was a person who readily accepted his station in life. Having been orphaned at the tender age of six; Ni Khun found himself destitute and on the verge of death. His fate would have been all but sealed had it not been for his chance encounter with Lord Jung.

On a particularly cold winter’s night, Lord Jung had spotted Ni Khun lying unconscious in a nearby alleyway and had ordered several of his men to bring him back to the Jung estate. From that day on, Ni Khun had become a member of the Jung household and had been groomed to become Young Master Jung Yong Hwa’s personal attendant.

During their eighteen years of cohabitation, Yong Hwa and Ni Khun had developed greatly differing personalities. Yong Hwa’s bright and carefree disposition was a stark contrast to Ni Khun’s upright and reserved temperament. Their differences notwithstanding, the two young men spent nearly every waking moment together, which naturally helped to cultivate their brotherly relationship.

As per usual, Yong Hwa and Ni Khun had left the estate early to go on their daily morning walk. Having journeyed over nearly three miles away from the estate, Yong Hwa had suggested that they take a break in a nearby pavilion.

Once he was settled on a stone carved seat, Yong Hwa looked over towards Ni Khun and said, “You must be exhausted, come over here and sit beside me.”

“I am not tired” insisted Ni Khun as he remained standing on the opposite side of the table.

With a look of exasperation plastered on his face, Yong Hwa countered sternly, “That was not a suggestion.”

 Having no other choice but to comply, Ni Khun took a seat beside Yong Hwa and wondered at the type of mischief that had been planted in his young master’s mind.

Showing his slightly bi-polar tendencies, Yong Hwa’s stern countenance reverted back to its’ cheerful exuberance as he wrapped his arm around Ni Khun’s shoulder.

“So, how many years has it been since you entered the household?” asked Yong Hwa musingly.

After clearing his throat, Ni Khun replied by saying, “About eighteen years ago.”

“Eighteen years!” exclaimed Yong Hwa, before he continued to say, “If you think about it, we really have gone through a great deal together. There was that time when…”

Before he could complete his sentence, Ni Khun interrupted him by saying, “There was that time when you saved me from that bear trap during the hunting expedition, which caused you to be bedridden for nearly three months.”

Seeing that he had silenced his young master, Ni Khun continued to say, “What exactly is it that you need me to do this time?”

A slightly discomforted expression crept onto Yong Hwa’s face as he sheepishly asked, “Why do you always assume I want you to do something when I talk about our childhood memories?”

Without mincing words, Ni Khun replied, “Because of my eighteen years of experience living with you.”

“Alright, I’ll cut to the chase then…” stated Yong Hwa before he stood up from his seat.

Calling out into the distance, Yong Hwa said, “Shin Hye ah, you can come over now.”

Surprised, Ni Khun turned around to see Duke Park’s daughter walking towards the pavilion. While they were still alone, Ni Khun stood up from his seat and asked Yong Hwa, “What exactly is going on here?”

“I’ll let you know as soon as she gets here” replied Yong Hwa without taking his eyes off of Shin Hye.

After she had entered the pavilion, Shin Hye made her way over to Yong Hwa’s side and politely greeted Ni Khun humbly.

Finding the situation entirely inappropriate, Ni Khun kowtowed to the Duchess and said, “Please do not speak to me using such honorifics.”

Helping him up from his position on the ground, Yong Hwa stated earnestly, “There is no time for that right now.”

Sensing the urgency in his young master’s voice, Ni Khun asked, “What is the matter?”

“Something very bad has happened” replied Yong Hwa.

Setting his gaze onto the Duchess’ face, Ni Khun asked warily, “Are you perhaps…”

“Of course not!” exclaimed Shin Hye as her cheeks reddened at the mere thought of Ni Khun’s conjecture.

Hoping to clarify the situation; Yong Hwa motioned for Shin Hye to hand over the cloth decree, which she held in her hands.

With the decree in his possession, Yong Hwa explained, “This scroll contains the royal decree for Jung Yong Hwa to prepare for his upcoming royal union with Princess Song Qian.”

Thinking that he now fully understood the situation, Ni Khun stated sympathetically, “Although, I can be of little assistance to you…”

Interrupting him, Yong Hwa stated in a slightly hushed voice, “You’ve been of greater assistance than you think.”

Staring intently at Yong Hwa, Ni Khun asked wearily, “And exactly what do you mean by that.”

After a slightly awkward moment of silence, Shin Hye nudged Yong Hwa as she said, “Get on with it already.”

Nodding his head to indicate that he would comply with her wishes, Yong Hwa took a deep breath and handed the decree to Ni Khun before he said, “This belong to you, young master Yong Hwa.”

With a slacked jaw, Ni Khun looked at the proffered decree in disbelief.

Leaning over closer to Yong Hwa, Shin Hye whispered softly, “He’s taking this a lot better than I thought he would.”

In an equally hushed tone of voice, Yong Hwa replied, “Just wait for it…”

“What in the world are you talking about!” exclaimed Ni Khun as his eyes filled with ire.

Cr: Devoted2U@khuntorialurve

[Fanfic] Khuntoria’s Wedding Photography Mission

Episode 54: Wedding Photography Mission Part 1

BTS of 2PM’s Lotte Duty Free Photo shoot…

While glancing down at his wristwatch, Nichkhun bemoaned silently to himself, “At this rate, I’m definitely going to be late. Victoria’s gonna be so mad at me.

Had it been any other day, Nichkhun was sure that Victoria would have readily forgiven his tardiness. However, on this day, they were scheduled for an appointment to select their attire for their upcoming wedding photography session.

Visualizing the image of Victoria’s displeased expression was enough to compel Nichkhun to act quickly. Thus, having a clear objective in mind, Nichkhun made his way over to the waiting area to join his fellow 2PM group members.

When they were within earshot, Nichkhun asked the group, “Hey guys, would it be okay if I did my solo shots first?”

“Why do you need to go first?” asked Junho inquisitively.

With his trademark toothy grin, plastered on his face, Taecyeon replied, “So he can rush home to have skinship with his wife.”

“Ah… I’m so jealous!” exclaimed Wooyoung as he placed his water bottle down on the nearest table.

Not wanting to be left out of the conversation, Junsu asked, “After being married for over a year, aren’t you two tired of each other yet?”

“We wouldn’t be tired of each other even after being married for 50 years” replied Nichkhun unabashedly.

Nichkhun’s proficiency in the art of cheesiness caused his group members to all shake their heads in disbelief.

As he crossed his arms over his chest to ward off the goose bumps, Chansung proclaimed, “I don’t think I can take any more of this mushiness!”

Being as democratic as possible, Taecyeon responded by saying, “For the sake of our over-sized maknea, I vote to let Khun Hyung go first.”

“Agreed!” yelled the others in unison.

Shrugging off the obvious teasing, Nichkhun said nonchalantly, “Great.”

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[Fanfic] Diamond in the Rough [MUST READ]

Diamond in the Rough - main story image


Nichkhun Horvejkul, Victoria Song, Lee Ki-Kwang, HyunA, etc.


This is a story about how the strength of respect, friendship and adoration can bring out the hidden beauty in even the roughest of diamonds.


Disclaimer: The situations and events contained in this fanfic are purely fictional and intended solely for entertainment purposes. I do not own or claim to own any of the people/characters in this story.

P.S. To add to the list of items which I do not own, is the picture, which I have borrowed for this fanfic’s main image. Credit goes to the individual who created the image.



[Fanfic]My Diamond, My Love

Main Characters: *Nichkhun/Victoria * Junho/Hyoyeon * Jinwoon/Nicole*


Nichkhun, Junho, and Jinwoon are all brothers and are very close to one another. Every summer they would take a vacation away from the city and relax in their country home that their parents have left behind for them. As heirs to the Diamond Dynasty Resort, the three have always been well groomed and trained since a young age. Up until now they have lived by their own rules and did not realize the huge responsibility that has been pushed upon them after their parents’ death. 

Growing up, there is no such thing as a “true friend” or “soul mate” since everything is a given to them until they met three girls: Victoria, Hyoyeon, and Nicole who are also all sisters and truly believe in happily ever after fairytales. As little girls they had no friends either but not because they were spoiled or rich. It was a curse casted onto them by their grandmother who resented their mother and thought she was a gold digger. 

So they had no friends and were always home schooled since they could not afford to pay for the tuition and were solely educated by their mother since she used to be a grade school teacher before marrying their father, who came from a wealthy elite background but lost it all after he refused to meet his mother’s expectation. They did have a happy childhood filled with precious memories until the death of their parents and then a nearby aunt with no blood relation took over and raised them till they could live on their own together. They visit her now and then but since she is a caregiver to a rich family, they try not to go too often until she had a small accident that left her unable to complete her duties for the family.

The girls return to the country side to help their aunt out…………….

And boys return to the country to relax…………………………..

“Let the diamond shine, let the dynasty rise, but love will conquer all………………”



[Fanfic]~ water + cactus = destiny ~


nichkhun+ victoria= khuntoria


heart Someone has told me that ” people need love like trees need water. However without love, people can be a cactus…” 


Because water loves cactus, water knows that deep inside cactus’s heart, how much she needs him. Even if her thorns make his hand bleed, he still wants to stay beside her… heart

Author: Hakunamatata


[Fanfic]…let’s start with drabbles! & Love Kitchen~

Title/s: Forbidden / Color 
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Pairing: Khuntoria 「Nickhun & Victoria」
Summary: A romantic evening with her got him thinking. / Why did she start liking that color?


Title/s: Love Kitchen
Rating: PG
Length: five-hundred-eighty-four words. 「short story」
Warnings: None
Pairing: Khuntoria 「Nickhun & Victoria」
Summary: It was a kitchen battle.



Fanfic link:http://rainbow-pencil.livejournal.com/1356.html

Fanfic link 2:http://rainbow-pencil.livejournal.com/1988.html

[Fanfic]Error(One Shot)

Pairing:Victoria & Nichkhun

Prologue:“I get really confused between my virtual life and real life.” – 2PM’s Nichkhun 


FanFic Link:http://nileyna.livejournal.com/8348.html

[Fanfic]I Will Make You Love Me(one shot)

Pairing:Victoria and Nichkhun

Prologue:The following is a work of fiction. The events and characters are fictional and the celebrity names/images merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrity is in real life. No offence is intended towards them, their families or friends.


Fanfic link:http://www.soompi.com/forums/topic/346623-i-will-make-you-love-me-a-khuntoria-one-shot-collection/

[Fanfic][K-Ent] Bangkok (one shot)

Pairing:Victoria f(x) / Nichkhun 2PM
words:1003 words

Summary: In the future, several years after We Got Married. For the prompt- “You can’t make the same mistake twice, because the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice.” 

Fanfic Link:http://community.livejournal.com/rin_go_san/10766.html

[Fanfic]When the Morning Comes. (oneshot)

Title: When the Morning Comes.
Author: [info]wintersol  
Pairing: f(x) Victoria/2PM Nichkhun
Rating: PG
Summary: Victoria wakes up late, but she can’t be bothered to rush. 
Disclaimer: Do not own. Did not happen.
Author Notes: Inspired by this lovely fashion story. Unbeta’d. 

Fanfic link:http://wintersol.livejournal.com/23784.html


prologue:So the end of summer’s been making me lazy and distracted, but I really wanted to write something for them cause they’re adorable. I plan on writing Victoria’s side, which will be three parts and Khun’s side. Just think of it as an intermission/break. Enjoy y’all~~



[Fanfic]you give me the kind of feeling people write novels about.[One Shot]

Title: you give me the kind of feeling people write novels about. 
Pairing: Nichkhun/Victoria 
Word count: 947 words 
Summary: Victoria is a dream he’s been chasing his whole life.

Author: changmin’s cape (chun_ji)


Fanfic: Impossible [Oneshot]


Victoria Song, Nichkhun Horvejkul


It was an impossible relationship.

They were just two strangers, two foreigners, matched up. Him, the Thai Prince. Her, the gorgeous Chinese leader. It was just a show.

It had never been real.

….it was never supposed to become real.


Disclaimer: All situations and events in this fanfic are fictional and created to match with the story. I do not own any of the people mentioned in this story. Original picture also is not mine (though pretty effects/words are).

(If you get confused in the story, here is a timeline)

June 1, 2010: Khuntoria’s first meeting
February 1, 2012: The last recording
Summer, 2013 (sometime after June): They meet again.


Author: POGA

Link: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/20998/impossible-khuntoria

[Fanfic]100 Days of Khuntoria: Day 1& Day 2

Day 1:  Sleeping Beauty and the Beast

***This fan fic is for my favorite friend, Cams.  This one is for your sleepless nights. This one’s OURS. ;) Khuntoria, FTW!***

Genre: One-Shot
Rating: PG-13 (sexual reference)
Author’s Notes: The characters used in this fan fic were merely borrowed and they do not reflect the characters in real life (though I really want this to happen for real).

Author: inkerspot



DAY 2: How I Kidnapped Your Mom on Our Wedding Day

Written for “The Next Generation Challenge”

Nickhun and Victoria were married even before they got married.  But this was not the hardest part for Nickhun since he had a greater dilemma: for them to even get wed he had to kidnap her.  And (being the crazy man he has been after meeting her) he DID.

“Weh? Kidnap mom on your wedding day? Were you out of your mind?” Gwen asked her father.  “Yeah. Why would you do that!” Camille exclaimed.  Both of them were clueless and so were his bribe.

Author: inkerspot