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[TUTORIAL] How to Help f(x) win!

Guide for f(x)’s International fans:

Want to help f(x) to win on music programs? Please do these steps to support our girls XD

1. Buy PINK TAPE album from shops that count sales on hanteo chart. I recommend Synnara, Hottracks, Leesmusic and DVDHeaven

2. Watch 첫 사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum) MV, like and leave comments as many as you can

3. Include #첫사랑니 hashtag on your tweets

4. Click these links as often as you can
Naver: http://search.naver.com/search.naver?where=nexearch&sm=tab_jum&ie=utf8&query=%EC%97%90%ED%94%84%EC%97%91%EC%8A%A4
Nate: http://search.nate.com/search/all.html?z=A&s=&tq=&sg=&nq=&sc=&afc=&thr=sbus&q=%BF%A1%C7%C1%BF%A2%BD%BA&asn=000000540&csn=0&ml=1&sof=1
Daum: http://search.daum.net/search?w=tot&DA=YZRR&t__nil_searchbox=btn&sug=&q=%EC%97%90%ED%94%84%EC%97%91%EC%8A%A4

5. Download 엠앤TV톡 app & VOTE for f(x) on Inkigayo
Android: https://t.co/PubkjF9weL IOS: https://t.co/1LVU67wUTe Tutorial:http://cfile2.uf.tistory.com/original/266FE54251F329641D1801

If the app crashes on the mobile verification page (step 6 in the tutorial), change your phone language to Korean (한국어) and try again

If the app is not available in your country, here is the apk file of the app. Download & install!http://t.co/ObrsZmD97j 

cr; @dooroham

6. Vote for f(x) on Mnet by using your Mnet ID, facebook ID and twitter ID
Global site (f(x) is leading) http://bit.ly/Y0P9lN
Korean site (f(x) is on No. 4) http://bit.ly/TOvPLs

7. Vote for f(x) on MBC Music Show Champion http://perfectoria.tumblr.com/post/56173135828/tutorial-how-to-sign-up-on-melon-and-vote-for-f-x-on

by: ffive


[GIFS] f(x) - Unnies v/s Maknaes


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Support f(x) Comeback! A list of sites to purchase f(x) Pink Tape Album

Hi, Guys! 

As you know f(x) physical album “Pink Tape” will be released this 29th. There are several reliable online sites that do international shipping & count your purchases on Hanteo chart.

Hanteo chart is a Korean album sales monitoring charts where sales number updates every hour. Hanteo chart directlyaffects chart rankings on music shows. By purchasing f(x)’s album from certain sites, you can help the girls to win on music shows!

Here are a few recommended sites: Check out the packaging, is so pretty! (like our girls!) you know you want it~ so please, try buying the album from these sites and help us support f(x)!


Check out the packaging,




so pretty, right?  (like our girls!)

This album is a must have, so please, try buying the album from these sites and help us support f(x) hard work!


[FANTAKEN] f(x) Signed Polaroids at SM Pop-Up Store

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[FANTAKEN] 121222 Sichuan TV ‘New Year’s Party’ 

Photo by 国国

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[ENDORSEMENT] 130102 f(x) For Electric Shock T-shirts by SM Pop Up Store

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[ENDORSEMENT] 130102 f(x) For Electric Shock T-shirts by SM Pop Up Store
cr: DC f(x) - forsongqian

f(x) - Electric Shock @ SBS Gayo Daejun 2012

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f(x)’s Merchandise at SM Pop-Up Store

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130101 f(x)’s 2013 New Year Greetings

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Victoria’s message: Happy New Year~ 2013~ Hope happiness and happy things come to you~ Happy New Year ♥

Amber’s message: Always be healthy. Have a smile :) every day keke. Happy New Year!!

Luna’s message: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope 2013 is a happy and meaningful year for everyone ♥ Also hope that this year we can repay you all. You have always been by our side during the tough times….

Sulli’s message: It’s 2013~ :D Happy New Year! I’m…20 years old…kyaa >< Clap clap clap

Krystal’s message: Happy New Year ♥ I wish you a lot of blessings and only good to fill your year ♥



[GIFS] f(shinee) ♥ MBC gayo

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2013 f(x) Calendar (HQ Scan)

Download Link (Picture Size: 6300×4700) → HERE

Password → stepbyfx

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p.s. Picture size in this album: 3000×2000 ↑

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