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[OFFICIAL] Nichkhun in BRANDS MV 2012 - BTS [3]

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[OFFICIAL] Nichkhun in BRANDS MV 2012 - BTS [2]

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[OFFICIAL] Nichkhun in BRANDS MV 2012 - BTS

cr: BrandsWorldThailand || -Vo

[GIFS] Nichkhun in BRANDS MV

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[GIFS] Nichkhun in BRAND’S Hall of Dreams CF

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[VIDEO/TRANS] Nichkhun on Ratri Smosorn

MC: The fans are screaming so loud. We will have an interview with them later after the show.

MC: So both of them have finished. Let’s talk with them. I’m from Ratri Samosorn. Will start from Nichkhun.

K + P : Sawasdee Krab
MC: I heard you are so famous have to go to work in Japan every week.

K: Yes now we are working with Japan Company. Last week we have a concert tour in 6 cities in Japan. There are around 100,000 audiences.

MC: The one that make you become international superstar is your Granny.

K: Yes. At first I’m just a shy boy. Then someone scouted me to the company. Then I decided not to go because I have no clue about Korea. But, my granny is a big fan of Rain so she told me to go because this is the same company as Rain.

MC: I heard that to be an artist in Korea you need to practice a lot.

K: yes! there are many steps that not easy. We have to practice. You also need to have gift. The most important thing is discipline for practicing and taking care of your health. I really had hard time. After 3 months I called my dad I would like to quit and back to study. Then my dad you already there why don’t try for a year. If you don’t be able to do it then back. Then I decided to face it.

*Omitted Peach part

MC: For Nichkhun I heard that when you have free time you always go to gym.
K: My job is show by dance and sing. We need to look the best on stage. So I went to gym a lot.

MC: Do you have any supplement? any drink?

K: The only supplement I drink is Chicken Soup Extract. They send me about 10 cases. I let my co working, manager the whole staff in my company also drink them.

MC: Did your band mates drink?

K: Yes they drink too.
MC: I heard that both of you really worry about the flood crisis in Thailand.

K: Yes. I feel really sorry that I live in Korea and don’t have a chance to go back and help.

So I asked my mom are there anything that I could help ? Then my mom said she just bought boats. So I discussed with my 2PM members that we will buy boats. As I’m Thai and my members also love Thailand. So I asked them should we buy boats and write on the boat that 2PM <3 Thailand. They all agree so we shared money to buy boat.

MC: So how to raise money auction?

K: Yes we do the auction and also the donate money.
MC: I heard about T Shirt auction.

K: Yes my Tee cost around 190,000 and my friends tee are 70,000 , 60,000, 30,000 respectively.

MC: Only your shirt is 190,000 baht. My shirt only 50 baht I don’t think no one will buy it.

K: Things that we got a lot of money because our fans love us and want to donate with us. They got our tee with signatures. I’m so touched.

MC: How was the atmosphere when you work together?

K: It was fun. At first we both silence.

P: It was awkward.

MC: Have you watch Peach movies before?
K: Yes I watch Suckseed. Then I think he is cute and really have good acting. i’m glad to work with him. He is so cute, easy going and funny really fun to work with him. He always teases us a lot in the filming set.

P: I’m so excited P Khun is a Thai that become a power of Thai people. He really talent and cool. I’m so glad to meet him. I was so nervous at the vary first scene to meet him. I first saw him dancing and It was the grand opening for me I feel that he was cool.

MC: Let’s Khun teach you dance?

K: yes sure
P: is this the good idea?
K: step right and hit at your hear 1 2 3 4

K: Then at your heart like this.
K+P : 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 something like this.

P: I will practice at home.

MC: Do you have any girls?

K: For me I have some friends that I already know and we talked sometimes but can’t be that serious. These because my schedule are so full. I’m a human just a guy I need to have girls or friends that I talk to. I don’t want to lie that I don’t have anyone I did talk to some girls but not that serious.

P: I will have a new movie name ” the count down” it was really interesting and different from my previous 2 movies.

K: I heard the story from him it was really exciting movie.

MC: you both did talk that often?

K+P : we did talk a lot no awkward moment anymore. We are playing and chatting together during filming.

K: I’m practicing for 2PM concert in Thailand in Feb. I also have a movie with GTH. It was P keng’s movie with P Suekwan

MC: Please say something to fans.

P: I have activities together please follow us from facebook/brandsworldthailand.

K: I would like to tell everyone don’t stop moving forward if you has a chance in front of you so, you should grab it. Don’t be afraid that you would fail or disappointed . That opportunity might be the best thing in your life. You may become a millionaire. So don’t stop moving forward. So I would like you all to watch my CF with Peach. Don’t forget to follow your dream. Thank you so much.

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PICS] 120124 Nichkhun at Brands Fanmeet Event

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