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[GIFS] We Got Married | Favorite Season 2

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[GIFS] 100918 We Got Married Season 2 (Chuseok Horror Special)

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I Miss WGM Season 2 Couples!

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[GIFS] WGM Horror Special Last Mission - Khuntoria, Adam, YongSeo

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To the Goguma couple and their Goguma villagers~

From the first “Goguma” awarded and first guitar strings strummed to those long knitted scarves filled with love and hard work (by both of them!) and the sweetly playful wedding shots (but never a hamburger throughout!), Seohyun and Yonghwa reminded us of that sweet first love, the awkward but innocent start. It brought us to giggles and love, sighs and tears, and etched the pairing into the memories of all WGM viewers for bringing such joy. Goguma, fighting, always and forever!

From the sweetly earnest Seohyun to Yonghwa who fumbled adorably but always was so genuine, for making us always root for you smiles and happiness, thank you, Goguma couple, for letting us love you, too. And thank you, Goguma villagers for being such awesome and supportive fans. We may not be completely part of your wonderful village, but it’s definitely one we wouldn’t mind visiting. :]


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