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[FANACC] 120812 Luna’s Birthday Party!

Luna’s cake from fx2you & f(x) DC. The messages on the cake, “You are my song <3” & “You are my vitamin <3”

All the girls (without Sulli) appeared without make-up but they were still gorgeous.

Victoria wore a long flutter black skirt. Her face was very bright and small. Her eyes were so huge. Like a goddess.

The birthday girl wore the blue dress like the photo that Amber previously tweeted. Look like a lead actress, very pretty.

Amber wore a navy man-to-man t-shirt (look kinda like this ») and pants like this »

Krystal wore thin see-thru white t-shirt (OMG!), blue hot pants and splash-patterned Nike shoes. The fashion that takes your breath away.

4 members came into the event. Soojung came in with a very shy expression. She hid her face behind the queue card and only showed her eyes.

Other 3 entered the event with the queue card except Luna (looks like she is the one who doesn’t need it) but the main MC was Victoria.

At the beginning of the party, Amber asked Krystal jokingly “Krystal-ssi, why are we here? why we here?” by making her gesture like this »

Soojung kept fumble behind her neck with her hand. Because she kept doing that, Amber poked Soojung’s belly 3 times.

And then there was a Q&A corner that the girls chose questions from fans and answered. Looked like Luna was having sooooooooooo much fun.

After Luna saw other girls did a bad MCing, she took away their queue cards and started to do the MC herself HAHAHAHAHA

While having the Q&A corner, the girls told us about the “Kimbap Incident”. Because they had to go on a diet while they were a trainee. They couldn’t eat anything and they would get a scold if they ordered food. That day they were so hungry but they couldn’t order the food themselves so they asked a junior group member to buy 5 kimbabs for them but he got caught by the manager. The delivery man came to SM door to send the food, the staff opened the package and found 5 kimbabs so they realized these kimbabs were f(x)’s because at the time, only 5 of them were practicing so there was no other trainees than our girls. So the manager brought those 5 kimbabs to their practice room. Seeing that, our girls were panicked and were scolded because of that. After that, they don’t like to hear the words ‘Kimbab’ and ‘Seaweed’ for a long long time LOL (Note: According to sour/ces, a junior group member is EXO-K’s Sehun. f(x) girls asked Sehun to buy kimbabs for them. They couldn’t buy it themselves cos they were on a diet. Sehun followed their order and order kimbabs by phone. When the delivery man came to SM, staff asked who ordered it and they found out that f(x) girls did it cos there were 5 kimbabs in the pack.)

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[PICS] 120812 f(x) - Member Cards from S.M. Art Exhibition

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[ADDMORE/PICS] 120809 f(x) -  S.M. Art Exhibition Opening 

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Victoria and Krystal look absolutely gorgeous!


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[GIFS] 120706 f(x) - Digital Music App  ‘Genie’ Promo Clip

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[FANACC] 111227 Victoria Leaving SM Building - After Practice

"Victoria held the door for another lady in the pic. From the fanacc, we can know that Victoria said hi back to her fans and was good at driving. She turned the steering wheel and started the car within 30 seconds. She was tired and had no makeup in the pic. She seemed that she just finished practice when she came out. However, she still smiled, held the door for others and said hi back. She is so gorgeous both inside and outside.”

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Trans by Janet! | Thanks Yoobluberry, Janet and all for tips!

Awww Vic! Casual look. Of course uri Victoria is soo kind. Lol Vic’s car is growing on me; its cute.| -Vo

[Fan Account] Maple Fan Account Part II

Maple’s Fan Account Part ll

Today, at 11:30A.m., I went to a print shop at Chinatown in Manhattan. I wanted to print some pictures for Song Qian to sign later on. I was so nervous as usual; took out my cell phone and started to call Jackie. She didn’t answer me. I was thinking where it’s she. Twenty minutes later, I went to pick up the pictures and as the same time, Jackie called me. We agreed to see each other at the hotel, check in level on the seven floors at 1: 30P.M.

By the time, I got to the hotel; it was exactly one and a half hour went up to the 7 level; I saw a girl with no make up; she was just rushing out the elevator with other guy. We looked at each other; she turned to other way and ran. It was Krystal; how to describe her action. I remember that I saw one fan cam at Jeju’s airport. Krystal was running away from fans and grasped at Vic’s hand. Just like that! It looked a bit funny and weird.

I saw Jackie sitting at the 7 level. There were a bar on the left side and a check in reception’s desk is on the right side. There were fans or hotel customers were sitting there. They all were lowering their head and played with their cell phone. I suspected that they were fans.  In the main time, there were some Koreans were socialized around that floor. They looked like SMT’s managers, dancers and Cody. Jackie told me that she saw some Kpop’s artists but she couldn’t recognize them. It was like two o’clock also, she already got the room; it was on the 16 floor. So, I told her that I wanted to see the room and dropped off our bags. Both of us walked to the elevator’s direction. Suddenly, I heard speeding foot steps, it was running toward my right side; and a loud noises that came from the shoes; it made a sound like creee…ee.; a full stopped. I was stunned and turned my head to look. We were having eyes contact instantly, for about half second, we moved back and I realized that it was ‘Amber.’ We were turning our head away! So embarrassed.^^ Amber looks just like a boy. She is very handsome. Heheh, if she is a guy, I may fall for her. (Don’t pat me ok^^)

A girl was with her in a long black Jacket. Black Long hair and light skin. Extremely pretty! We didn’t dare to look at each other. When the elevator’s door was opened’ we went inside and secretly, noticed that Amber inserted a card in the lot and pressed the number eleven. We pretended like we didn’t know her. Amber was facing the elevator’s wall. She looked like she hiding her face from being see from us. ^^They had a conversation, it was in English. We were guessing after we went back to our room that we didn’t know who she is. She could be one of the SNSD but we weren’t sure. (Later at the concert, I found out that it was BoA!)

After that we went back down to the 7 level. We sat at the sofa with others. About thirty minutes, K came and she wanted to use the lady room. So, we went back to the elevator. Jackie had two cards and she gave one to me. The card is used for the elevator and room as well. If you don’t insert a card; you can’t get to your floors. I told them that I wanted to try to go up myself. So K and Jackie took the same elevator. I took it myself. When the elevator came, I went inside, I tried to press #16; the elevator didn’t move; I wondered how this card worked. The door was opened and two people came in. I realized it was Amber and that girl (BoA). Oh! no, Amber was curious at me. I took out a cell phone; tried to call Jackie. Amber hurriedly moved backward; she was behind me now and she looked at my cell phone; probably, thought that I was going to take picture of them. Gee„„I didn’t realize that I used ‘Khuntoria’ as my wall paper^^. Amber saw it heheh!

The girl next to her said, “We didn’t press our floor.” So the elevator went up to 16 floors. The door opened and K was standing right there in front of us. I was laughing and telling her that I didn’t know how to use this card. Inside the hotel’s room; K said, “Don’t be too high profile. We should act like a stranger and stay calm. This way, their mangers will not block us from getting closed to the singers. Even the singers’ will not get alert by us. I said, ‘Yeah, you are right, By the way, I have my big camera here and a zoom lens. I also checked that MSQ will not allow camera with zoom lens. Can you do me a favor? I take out my zoom lens and you keep it. I keep the camera body. By the time, we get inside, we call each other and you give it back to me. If you don’t see me, I will wave my light stick banner.” K said, “Ok, no problem, I carry the lens for you.” I said, “Thank a lot!”

 It was 3 p.m. and the pink bus was parking outside; they should be ready to go to the Madison Square Garden. K and Jackie stayed at the 7 level. Their tickets were general seat; so they didn’t need to go in too early. On the other hand, my ticket was free zone (G1). I needed to stand in the show. So, I must go in earlier in order to get a front view. I went outside and saw lots of fans were waiting. I walked closed up to the bus rare door. Victoria just walked out and went up to the bus. Oh, I missed the shots, it happened so fast.

I took the subway and headed to the 34th street. When I get to the Madison Square Garden, the pink bus was just right across the street; a flock of fans were screaming and chasing the bus with their banners and light sticks. It took me almost three hours to get inside the stage. At the bag checking point; the securities didn’t bother my big camera. 

While, I stood waiting for the show to begin; I waved my light stick and called Jackie at the same time; she came down and gave me my lens. Hurray!! I got my lens back. The four girls were curious how I could bring in such a big camera. They were amazed at my light stick too and asked what does it mean? I told them, “I am F(x) Victoria’s fan. It means ’Qian,.’” They screamed and jumped, “Oh, my god, we are too, we love Victoria. We should stay together to give her a big support.” I said, “Sure!” The show almost started and I saw a familiar face; oh it was the girl who lent me the money for the ticket. I called her to come to me and she was surprised to see me there. I returned the money and said a big thanks to her.

The show started and everyone was screaming; waving their light sticks and banners; it was our F(x) performance. All of us were excited and screaming at F(x). I hated this camera guy; he was always in my way, blocking my view. Also, the big light projectors on the stage were in my way too. I could only see F(x) from head to shoulder. Aww…terrible feeling, the music was so loud, it hurts my ears and the fire works; every time, it fired, it happened  so suddenly and I was jumping from the noises; I almost felt like that I just have a resuscitate (CPR) for my chest.  I remembered one fan account I had read; she said, “I stayed at the front stage, the ashes from the fire work ran into my nose, throat and eyes. My hair and my body smelled like smoked. The fire projectors were so hot. Honestly, there were lots of tall people in front of me, and I could barely see Song Qian; next time, I won’t buy ticket for G1. Also, I didn’t think she had seen me too.  Every time, F(x) came out, I would ask the girls next to me to switch position with me. So I could take some good picture. Thanks for her kindness! If you want to see how their performance; just check YouTube for their MV; it is the same SMTown’s performance in other cities.

The show was over and I went back to the hotel. Jackie came back as well; One of Jackie’s friend came, she told us that, “today is Krystal birthday. They have dinner party at Korean town. I am going to eat there in few minutes.” I said, “You may not get in the restaurant.” She said, “I will try.” So she left. Later on, she texted us that she saw Shinee were there; Jackie and I were too tired. My legs were cramping and my back was hurting for standing too long. In the main time, we saw Amber came back, but she had a sunglasses on. Henry from Super Jun and two members from SNSD; they went to the bar. We also saw too many of them. I didn’t know their name. Jackie had observed that Super Jun, Shinee, DBSK, Kangsta, F(x) their rooms mostly were on the 27&28 floors. Jackie wanted to wait for Changmin; so I stayed with her. We wait till 4A.m. Still didn’t see Changmin. Yeah, I know it was crazy. I didn’t have a problem.  So we went back to our room and slept.

At 8:40 A.M. We woke up and we went to the 7 level. Few minutes later, I saw Sulli, she didn’t had too much make up. She looked so young and pure. I almost couldn’t recognize her. The Korean staffs were moving their luggage. We knew they are going back today. Super Jun came down and left. It was Shinee’s turned. Jackie went over to ask for autograph. They apologized and Jackie came back with no autograph. Another twenty minutes, DBSK came down. Jackie went over to ask Changmin in Japanese. I didn’t know what happen. When she came back, I asked her if she got the autograph from Changmin. She didn’t answer me.

There were only few people stayed at the 7 level. Then, a familiar figure walking toward me; she had an eye glasses. She wore a hat and with a long dress. Two guys were standing next to her; I guess it was a body guard or her manager. Jackie poked me and whispered, “It is Victoria, go ask her.” My heart was racing, and my breath was heavy. I slowly walked toward her, and politely asked her in Chinese, “Song Qian, can I have your autograph?” She looked at me and said, “I can’t. (Bu xin oh).” The two guys were interrupting and tried to block me from approaching her. I walked backward a little bit. I said,”Can I give you the pictures that I made?” Victoria said, “Okay, no problem.” I took out the picture to show her. (They were sitting together at Star king) She was stunned and eying the picture for a long time; I could feel it; because she didn’t moved her head for a long time. Those pictures that I had made with Photoshop; I gave her three pictures. The green ones which I use it for my icon on twitter and the other two, I gave her was the ones from star king. It is the one that I am translating the analysis from Winnies.  She was about to move and the guys hurriedly took it. They said, “It is ok. We take care of it.” They snapped my picture. So annoying! I gave her a gesture that I put my palm together. The two guys were staring at us. They wanted our conversation to cut short. She just looked at me without saying a word. I didn’t know how she feels. So I went back to my sofa. I think Victoria was still looking at my way. In a few minutes, I turned my head and I saw she went back to the elevator. I waved to her and she waved back. Then, in ten minutes she went down and switched to other elevator. I wasn’t quick enough to take out my camera. After she left for a few minutes; Jackie told me to follow her. We went down to the 5 floors. It was a Studio Conference Room. F(x) was in there. All of them, Victoria, Luna, Amber, Sulli and with a few staffs; Jackie and I ran to the other side of the corner. We didn’t know what to do. Then, all of them went downstairs. By the time, we went downstairs, they were all on the bus. All the fans were waving hand and say to goodbye to Kpop Artists. Farewell, my F(x). Jackie and I went to lunch; after that we went back to return the room. At the 7 level, we saw Eunyuk and Chow Mie. We were curious that the bus had gone and they were still there. I got an autograph form Eunyuk. He was very nice and polite. ^^ After that Jackie begged me to give it to her. She looked so down; so I gave it to her to cheer her up.~

The picture I gave her, I wrote down as well, just to make sure she could see it. I also had my weibo logo there, hehe hopefully, if she has time, she could check it out. ^^

This is what have written on the envelop; “Song Qian, International fans want to say that they miss you guys so much. Love is always there. Thank you and Khuntoria Forever.~

cr: Maple

Thanks for the great fan account maple!

- Devo