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[Fanart] The Avengers - 2PM Style

Seriously, this is the funniest thing to wake up to first thing Monday morning. Side note: poor Wooyoung as a girl (but I guess that just affirms that he’s pretty enough to be a girl).

- Devo

By: Mr. Tuxedo

Last week, allkpop presented its own poster version of the highly popular movie, ‘The Avengers.  Now, it looks like boy group, 2PM has one of their own.

On May 13th, 2PM’s Chansung uploaded 2PM’s Avenger poster and tweeted, “The sync is daebak!!!!  Avengers 2PM Version!!! kekekeke  It looks like Jin Young hyung gathered all of us. Muhaha. Chanthor! kekeke Ok-Hulk keke JunHawkEye kekeke“.

‘The Avengers’, Marvel’s latest blockbuster movie made history earlier today, as it accumulated over $1 billion in gross sales, only 19 days after it began rolling out in designated markets.  Although, this is an edited version, it’s very impressive, nonetheless.  The smooth embedment of the 2pm members onto the poster makes it look very authentic and professional.  For those who aren’t familiar with the characters, Junsu represents Iron Man, Junho as HawkEye, Taecyeon as Hulk, Nickkhun as Captain America, Chansung as Thor, Wooyoung as Black Widow, and Park Jin Young as Nick Fury.

Fans were extremely intrigued and commented, “Wow, this looks awesome“, “I need to go and watch this movie“, and “Junsu looks sick in that armor!

Who’s your favorite match-up?

Source + Photos: 2PM Chansung’s Twitter

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[News] Butterfly Nichkhun wants fans to “BEE happy!”

By MrTuxedo

2PM‘s Nichkhun treated his fans to an adorable butterfly selca.

On April 21st, the idol uploaded the above photo onto his Twitter with the message, “Don’t worry, BEE happy!~~~=] “.

Posing in front of an outline of a bee, Nichkhun cheerfully smiled for his fans. His bright, happy face fit in perfectly with the cute antennas as he made “wings” with his arms.

The cute tweet by the lovable idol seemed to give fans strength. They commented, “You make my life happy,” and “I love you, oppa,” while one Japanese netizen left the message, “Nichkhun is having fun. I’m so happy!

Source + Photos: Nichkhun’s Twitter

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- Devo

[News] 2PM’s “Take Off” reaches #1 on Japanese charts

2PM’s Japanese single “Take Off” has reached the #1 spot on USEN’s J-POP chart.

This is the first time a Korean group has reached the #1 spot on this particular chart.

A related source said, “USEN provides music for stores, coffee shops, and more in Japan so to have a high ranking on their charts is a really good thing.

The song also reached the #1 spot on a Japanese music lyric site “Uta Net Mobile”. Starting on April 17th, the song will be the ending song for certain animations and release as a ringtone.

JYP Entertainment said, “After their successful showcase with 25000 fans last December, 2PM continued this streak in February with “Mejamashi TV Super Live in Okinawa” and in March with “12th Annual Tokyo Girls Collection”. The expectations for their debut in Japan has gone up and we have achieved success with this type of support. Thank you to all of those that have showed so much love and support for 2PM.”

2PM is currently working on their Korean album.

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Source: TV Daily

[News] 2PM holds a fan signing event for ‘Nepa’

via allkpop by VITAL WARNING

The ‘beast idols’ of 2PM were given the opportunity to enjoy a fun time with their fans during an event for the sportswear brand, Nepa.

A fan signing took place on April 9th at the Nepa store in Yicheom, where the members came in wearing brightly colored polo T-shirts.

During the event, 2PM stated, “This was a meaningful and important event for us as we were abel to share time with the fans who love and take care of 2PM. We hope you look forward to our new album and we will become a harder working 2PM.”

Check out the pictures down below.

Source: Sports Korea via Nate

[NEWS] [110318] SBS “Welcome To The Show” won’t be made into regular show

I didn’t have a chance to watch this show (or rather I avoided it like the plague) but I did hope it would have done well. Hopefully, Nichkhun can participate in another sitcom (or drama) in the future.

- Devo

SBS real sitcom “Welcome To The Show” failed to be a regular show.

On 18th March an official for SBS entertainment show stated, “The pilot episode of ‘Welcome To The Show’ aired on 16th March is also its last episode. ‘Welcome To The Show’ is an experimental show and we use it to determine which way we are heading in the future.”

“Welcome To The Show” is the first mockumentary (fake-documentary: fictitious story shot in documentary style) sitcom in Korean television. It’s about the story of 2PM’s Nickhun, 2AM’s Seul Ong and f(x)’s Sulli on the set of Inkigayo. The viewers rating was 3.9% (AGB Nielsen Media Research).

Having said that, SBS plans to spur things up. The official said, “The production team will surely create a sitcom. There are several projects which are being reviewed internally.”


TRANSLATION by suzelle@IAM for 2AM - 2AM International Forum

cr: We love f(x)

SBS’s “Welcome to the SHOW’” will air on March 16th

I hope the show will good. Actor Nichkhun hwaiting!

- Devo

SBS’s highly-anticipated sitcom, ‘Welcome to the SHOW‘, has finally revealed its air date!

“Welcome to the SHOW” is a new style of sitcom that’s sure to draw in strong interest.

Revolving around the “Inkigayo” stage, the show focuses on behind-the-scenes events from the music program; in fact, these stories will be told so well that viewers will find it hard to differentiate between reality and fiction.

The show boasts a colorful cast comprised of 2AM’s Seulong, 2PM’s Nichkhun, f(x)’s SulliIU, Park Kwang Hyun, Kim Kwang Kyu, and Kim Jang Hoon. Seulong, Nichkhun, and Sulli will all play as themselves, but they’ve become the MCs of “Inkigayo”. The trio, in addition to IU, will be involved in cute love relationships.

Meanwhile, Kim Jang Hoon will be playing a singer named ‘Maestro’, and Kim Kwang Kyu will be playing as the manager. The episodes that develop between ‘Mae’ (who is petulant and arrogant) and his manager, (who is cautious not to anger his star singer) is anticipated to be both comedic and moving.

An 80-minute special episode of ‘Welcome to the SHOW’ will air on March 16th at 11:15pm.

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2PM’s Nichkhun transforms into a ‘country-boy’ idol

Please don’t ask me why Nichkhun posted this picture; I really have no idea (the unknown mind of men).

- Devo

2PM’s Nichkhun has transformed into a ‘country boy-idol’!

On March 9th, Nichkhun uploaded a picture of himself and tweeted, “It’s time to go build a rice farm, who do you think I came with?”

The idol is seen donning a very different style than the one fans have become accustomed to. Nichkhun is playfully sitting on top of a table with his white cotton socks pulled up high, while he rests on a pile of straw farmers’ hats. The star is causing much laughter because despite his comfortable-looking outfit, his hair was done up very stylishly.

Netizens commented, “He went from a beast-idol to a country-idol” and “Preparation for farming is done! Time to go farm.”

Meanwhile, Nichkhun (along with singer Kim Jang Hoon, 2AM’s Im Seulong, and f(x)’s Sulli) will star in SBS’s upcoming sitcom, “Welcome to the Show“, which is planned to air sometime in the middle of March.

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2PM’s debut Japanese single, “Take Off”, tops Tower Records pre-order chart

2PM never fails to impress me. Glad to see that their hard work is paying off.

- Devo

Although 2PM’s debut in Japan is still a month away, their debut single “Take Off” has been topping many pre-order charts, especially with Tower Records‘!

Tower Records Japan revealed that all three versions of the single placed in the top three slots of their chart. “Take Off” will be distributed in ‘Regular Edition‘, ‘Limited Edition Version A (CD + DVD)‘, and ‘Limited Edition Version B (CD + Photo book)‘.

Many are expecting 2PM to grab an ‘all-kill’, for they could very well combine the future successes of “Take Off” with their past Oricon Charts domination. The boys made headlines late last year when their Japanese DVD, “Hottest“, ranked extremely high for both its pre-sales and sales figures.

JYP Japan stated, “2PM’s last Japanese endeavor with their DVD raised many expectations and created much interest in the group. 2PM will start their full-fledged activities in Japan, and will do their best to be successful. Whether in Korea or Japan, always cheer them on.

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“Beastly idols” 2PM perform at Tokyo Girls Collection 2011

Korean “beastly idols” 2PM performed at the “12th Tokyo Girls Collection 2011 Spring/Summer“, the largest fashion festival in Japan, which was held at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo.

As reported the other day, the six members were excited to perform at the fashion show, and with 23,000 people in the audience, along with 720 journalists and even more viewers on their YouTube live channel, they sure had plenty of reasons to look forward for their stage.

The reception was great, which is no surprise when considering they were performing in front of a crowd full of thousands of excited girls, and their amazing performance could have converted any skeptic into a fangirl.

Member Nichkhun commented in perfect Japanese, “Being able to be here today and standing on this stage makes me really happy.”

Meanwhile, Taecyeon was taken aback by all the beautiful girls. “We heard that all the stylish girls from Japan gathered here at this event and it really seems to be true,” he laughed, “I’m quite nervous now.”

Nichkhun ended their little comment section and appealed to the audience, “After this, we are going to be more active in Japan and we hope that you will support us.”

The group performed a total of four songs: “Heartbeat”, “Again & Again”, “Without U”, and “I’ll Be Back”.

Source: Model Press

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Khuntoria Trending Report

Translation: 17 Hour 14 Min

01 Victoria

02 Nichkhun

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Nichkhun endorses jewelry brand “J.ESTINA”

Is there anything that Nichkhun touches that doesn’t turn to gold? Seems like he’s quickly becoming Korea’s CF prince.

- Devo

2PM’s Nichkhun recently became a spokesmodel for “J.ESTINA“, a popular jewelry brand worn by the beloved figure skater, Kim Yuna.

After using Lydia Hearst, one of the world’s richest heiresses, for the beginning of their 2011 campaign, “J.ESTINA” has now turned to Nichkhun for the brand’s first ever male spokesmodel.

A representative for the popular jewelry brand said, “Nichkhun has a cute and gentle image so we thought he’d be the perfect prince for our ‘J.ESTINA’ princess. He showed off his great manners at the shoot, making everyone believe that he is really a prince. Through this campaign, we hope everyone feels J.ESTINA’s lovely sentiment“.

Nichkhun was also pictured wearing a black backpack, which became an instant hit and is now being called the ‘Nichkhun Backpack’. It was said that the brand has been flooded with calls regarding the backpack and because of this, the backpack is going to be released sooner than intended.

The idol has recently been named one of Korea’s top CF stars, and is currently appearing in MBC’s “We Got Married”.

cr: allKpop

Audience of SHINee World Concert

After successfully kicking off their first concerts in Tokyo and Seoul over the past week, SHINee wrapped up their two-day “SHINee World” concert tour last night.

Amid an audience ranging in the thousands, it has been revealed that various celebrities 2PM’s Nichkhun, TVXQ’s Yunho & Changmin, f(x)’s Amber, miss A’s Jia, SG Wannabe’s Seok Hoon, Kara’s Nicole, Wheesung, Yoo Youngjin, various members of Super Junior (Donghae, Siwon, Kyuhyun), SNSD (YoonA, Jessica), MBLAQ, B2ST and CSJH The Grace and SHINee’s very own son Yoogeun also attended the concert and showed their support for the pop quintet at the first and second concerts.

2PM’s Thai prince tweeted, “Just got back from ShiNee’s concert!!! Wow!!! It was the bomb!!! ^^” with the following picture:

Does anyone else wonder if appa said hi to his daughter?

- Devo

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[music] 2pm, Billboard Charts 13 (2PM, 美 빌보드 차트 13위 진입)

2pm ranked 13th on the Billboard World Chart with their new album “STILL 2:00PM”, and it is the first time for them on the chart since debuted.

taken from we love khun.com

Nichkhun’s Twitter reply to Se7en [24/10/10]

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