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[NEWS] Khuntoria shares an unexpected hobby as a “married” couple


by leesa86

We Got Married’s Khuntoria couple, discovering more hobbies the two can enjoy together.

On the July 30th episode of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’, Nichkhun and Victoria attempted to plant lettuce and hot peppers in their garden together.

Compared to NichKhun who seemed a little unenthused about planting seeds, Victoria seemed rather happy and eager. Victoria’s feelings seemed slightly hurt when Nichkhun told her to pull out the seedlings, and the two continued to have disagreements, as they couldn’t see eye-to-eye when it came to things like where exactly the veggies needed to be planted and how high the soil needed to come up.

The MCs who watched the couple from the studio remarked that the couple has “only shown us the blissful moments of a marriage,” and that this bickering moment was “more realistic, but still a cute marriage“.

Later in the episode, Nichkhun comes up from behind his on-set wife and lifts her up from the ground, which quickly lifted any hurt and negative feelings she may have had prior. The Khuntoria couple also discovered a new hobby- giving each other manicures. While doing so, the two effectively displayed the close relationship they still have.

Although Nichkhun looked a little taken aback when Victoria began painting his nails a girly red, he actually seemed to be furtively enjoying it. “I can feel my female hormones being released,” he said.

The MCs also commented, “Lovers quarrels are soon mended,” and “Their new hobby is painting each other’s nails“.

Source & Image : TVDaily via Nate

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I have no word for them lmao


[AUDIO] Khuntoria EP 57 BGM 

For whoever is wondering what’s the title of the sweet song played on todays episode..


Shoo (S.E.S) – 자기밖에 (Other Than Me/Self Only)

Hangul/Romanization Lyrics by romanization.wordpress.com

artist/album: Shoo (S.E.S)/
track: 자기밖에 (Other Than Me/Self Only)
  729 Plays

[TRANS] EVERSENSE 2PM Exclusive Fan Meeting : The Hottest Hunt in The Jungle Night Party’

On July 30, 2011 around 4:30 PM the beast idol 2PM (Nichkhun Taecyeon Junsu Junho Chansung Wooyoung)’ flew to Thailand for Eversense CF filming and they create a good sense experience by holding a showcase with there latest single for all the hunters (T/N term for Eversense campaign to call fans) in ‘EVERSENSE 2PM Exclusive Fan Meeting : The Hottest Hunt in The Jungle Night Party’ at Bitec Conventions Center.

Before the amazing showcase 2PM has given an interview to press cordially.


next is the interview

Hello we are 2PM

Q: What are you doing here in Thailand for this trip?
Khun : We come for the new Eversense CF filming. Just finish it yesterday. It was fun. The atmosphere was nice and really friendly. And we also have a fanmeeting with Thai fans as well. I’m so glad to hav a show here. I really miss them. Now we quite busy both in Korean and Japan. Thank you Eversense to bring us here.

Q : Are you prepare for this fan meeting?
Woo : The special is we will show the new single Hands up for the first time here in Thailand. Thank you Eversense so much for giving us a chance to meet our fans here.

Q : Did you saw the latest CF. How do you feel?
Chan : All members watched. I was good we are really proud.

Q : How was the filming yesterday?
Junsu : It was fun. I have to thank you the staff and Eversense. The scene is so splendid. The story also beautiful. Please wait for it.

Q: If you have a chance to create a new sense Eversense cologne, which sense it would be?
Taec : I like ice creme sense. I chose this sense.
Junho: I like peach.
Wooyoung : banana!! We really love banana.
Khun: I want Thai jasmin. I think the smell is nice.
Junsu : The watermelon smoothie that we like.
Chan : The Korean National flower named Moo Kung Hwa.

Q: There was the auction of 2PM costume for donation. How do you feel?
Taec : I’m impress and proud that we have such a nice project with fan. We are willing to participate in this good activity like this again.

Q : What is the concept of new album?
Junho : We back after long hiatus for 8 months. This album name Hands Up. It’s a cheerful song like in the pub. We never have this genre before but i’m glad that a lot of fans like it.

Q : When will you are going to have a full concert in Thailand?
Khun : Start from this September we are going to start Asia Tour from Korea and then go to other countries. Absolutely! there will be in Thailand as well. Please wait for us.

Q : Are there anything you would like to pass to Thai fans
Junsu : I would like to thanks all hottest that always wait for us and supporting us all the time. We want to have a concert here soon.
Khun : I wish all of them has a great health.

by www.pingbook.com/news

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[TRANS] 2PM’s Manager will reveal the Members’ secret in 2PM Show

2PM’s manager revealed the members’ secret.
2PM’s manager, who takes care 2PM closely, will tell out their real habit and image in SBS E!TV ’2PM Show’.

The latest, while recording the show, 2PM was filmed at the outdoor swimming pool during summer. They used the swimming pool as their game field under water. They also invited guests for their MiniTalk period which members sitting on the Flying Chair had to copy the guests’ gestures and words. Their punishment was that their chairs flipped each of them to fall down to the water.

During MiniTalk, 2PM’s manager, who knows members the most will be a guest. He revealed their living including their habits in normal days without hiding. The members asked questions to lead their manager to talk about other members in order to make that member falling down to the water.

How will 2PM’s real members be revealed by the manager? Looking forward to the show on July, 30th.

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[FANTAKEN] 31072011 Nichkhun and 2PM headed back to Korea

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check out Khun’s cool look today. Fedora hat, yellow specs and repping a “Bangkok” t-shirt. Nice, Khunnie~

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[INSIGHT] 110730 Khuntoria’s couple ring??!!


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Finally, we can see their rings clearly^^



[TRANS] 110728 2PM’s Interview from “ELLE JAPON”


"Prince having both sweet looks and athletic body"

Q1:What’s your motto as an artist?
A:I give 100% on the stage, and I wanna show you my true colors outside the stage.
I tend to be seen soft but actually my character is manly.

Q2:What’s your beastly feature?
A:I’m earnest over the job. As I can’t stand doing same mistake, I do my best.
Q3:Your love tendency is?
A:As I don’t want the partner to feel painful, I come to feel like her parents.
Q4:What do you request a woman?
A:Love me a lot and come with me.
Q5:If you have a date with a Japanese woman in Japan?
A:Disneyland! I wanna kiss under the fireworks.
Q6:What’s your favorite Japanese word?
A:”Effort”. A funny thing is “I have forgotten”. I used it in a TV show once.
Q7:What word encourage you when you are in low spirits?
A:My family. And my future dream. That’s the reason that I can become energetic.

Check out full interview here

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V Baby so beautiful! ^__^


[SCREENCAPS] 110730 Khuntoria Preview EP 58

This is one heck of a good looking couple. Can’t wait to see them cook Kimchi. Hehe should be intersting to see what goes down with Tiger JK, Mirae and Jordan. LOL



[FANTAKEN] 110730 Nichkhun - Evesense Fan Meeting [1]



110730 Nichkhun - Evesense Fan Meeting [1]

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[FANTAKEN] 110730 Nichkhun - Evesense Fan Meeting [1]
110730 Nichkhun - Evesense Fan Meeting [1]
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[VID] 300711 2PM Show EP 04

Part 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07

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Wet(PM)! We likey! ^__^


[PICS] 110730 EVERSENSE 2PM Exclusive Fan Meeting [2]


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