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[fanart] Nichkhun pouting over planting~

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sooo cute!

[VID] 310711 2PM news on 9 Entertainment


[NEWS] 110731 2PM news on 9 Entertainment 

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[GIFs] 2PM Flying

If manager says a member’s name, that member flies.
If manager smiles or says the word “oh um”, Taecyeon flies.
If manager touches his hair or says the word “I think”, Nichkhun flies.
If manager touches his face or says the word “yes”, Junsu flies.
If manager touches his nose or says the word “no”, Wooyoung flies.
If manager does something with his hand or says the word “I am”, Junho flies.
If manager claps his hand or says the word “have”, Chansung flies.
If manager says 2PM, EVERYBODY FLIES. 

LMAO! I love this ep!


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[VID] f(x) at MBC Star Audition [FANCAM]

Part 02

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[GIFs] 2PM “I’m Your Man”

Ahhh.. I can’t.. breathe.. Omo.. Waaah! HOT!!!


[GIFs] Nichkhun “I’m Your Man”



[FANTAKEN] 110731 Victoria - MBC Star Audition


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[Gif] Khun wanted Vic to come to 2PM show <3


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[Gif] Khun wanted Vic to come to 2PM show &lt;3

[PICS] Khun’s Thank You Message for his Birthday Project


Sawasadee Krub,
Khun would like to thank you all for your love and warmth that you give to me since I was “young.” I also Thank You for the best gift that you give to me that to make donation and merit for my birthday. Khun would like to “give” it back to you all, The B-friend wristband will represent me that always be with you all. THis would give good deed, drinks, food, and happiness to all people that in need.

With Love,


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Since it’s hard for people to see the translation done by followkhun on this blog, I retyped it so it’s not hugely blocking chats.


[GIFS] 2PM The Show- Khun in the Pool

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OMG lol the way he’s walking in the water hahahs. He has a fist. Looks like he wanted to knock someone out ^^ Sweet Khun wouldn’t do that!


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[GIFS] WGM Ep. 57- Victoria’s sweet smile

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OMG…she’s so adorable! No wonder Khuntoria are the cutest couple alive.


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[GIFS] 2PM’s I am Your Man

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Mhmmm…yes please. Be my man. Kekek.


[Fanart] 2PM Naked Style ^^;;


LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!! OMG this is so adorable. How come Khun is a puppy?!