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Fan a/c on Victoria@QingDao [8]

I missed the 28th outdoor filming, regretted it. So i took the flight at 9.30am 29th Nov to QingDao, rushed to the hotel to put my luggage and head down to the indoor filming site. When i reached there, everyone has already queuing. Someone from the hotel told me that Victoria went into the site already. I got a stocked, quickly called someone who knew Victoria. I calmed myself down after I received the news that it was just a rehearsal .

I reached at 12.30pm, been queuing . Just nice, MBC was filming the fans, and i went to took something and covered my face. lol. Victoria came out, wore a shinning blue dress. She was so gorgeous, seems to be much skinner that time. MBC don’t allowed us to take photos and that Korea security guard was just beside me . I don’t even dare to look at my camera, Aiyoo..  i was a ELF so i took the lighted banner and hold it up high. Everyone was shouting Eunhyuk and ShinDong names. While I shouted Victoria every time they stopped SJ cheering to the extend that Victoria turned toward my direction and smiled !! ~~AH..~~ Flowers blossom , the world was so beautiful . Then i kept looking at Eunhyuk  and he kept staring at me . I thought to myself, maybe holding on to EunHyuk’s lighted banners and shout Victoria is weird. Actually, they filmed less than 5 mins. Basically, what Victoria was doing is to translate both ShinDong and EunHyuk words into chinese.

In the middle of the filming, there was a sentence Victoria looked at EunHyuk asking for help, ShinDong replied to her “You can even forgotten your chinese??” ..lol. They filmed a opening part and went back in to the backstage.

[end of 熙倩sj fan a/c]


Cr:source/熙倩sj@fxsongqianbar, english translation/Valerie@khuntorialurve

Fan a/c on Victoria@QingDao [7]

So we went straight to the hotel, this time we were slow. We can’t even see their car. Once we reached the hotel , we went to find Danny and have a chit-chat with her in the car. At that time, Danny received a call from another friend who were at the indoor filming site.Unable to stay any longer in the car, I decided to give a try and walked into the hotel,but was merciless stopped  by the staff. Reluctant to leave , i seated outside the hotel, staring at the big entrance trying to get some information.

I complained ,looking at the shirt i wore today. I’ll never get to see the person I wished for every-time i wore this shirt. So I tried my luck and head down to the basement car-park. Maybe the indoor filming had just ended?? I saw the driver Uncle smoking. Then, i went to the lift ,put down the things and change a shirt. Suddenly, there were some movement/sound of sth outside. Out of curiosity, I turned and take a look. My mind haven’t yet reaction but I shouted ” Qian”. Yes , it’s true. Victoria came out from that lift and she turned at look at me and smiled. “You were beautiful ” I said ( completely excited). She thanks me and went up the car. I quickly took my camera and took some photos.

By then, both ShinDong and EunHyuk were in the car. So many Super Junior fans following them. So we followed their car as well, at that time the window is transparent, we were still able to see them. Then, Fans stand 20m away from the car. Victoria sat in the front seat, she kept turning her head to talk to SuJu. And i was clicking my camera button all the time, I don’t want her to misunderstand me so i took the  banner up high and showed it to her. She saw me and still smiling away.

She sat in the car for about 20 minutes.

So all of them went  to have their lunch . ChuChu, Danny and I followed the crowd and found a empty table. We were hungry , ordered two Sprite,three coke and waited there for any information. In the end , we decided to leave the restaurant. I wanted to go to the toilet, and i did not expected Victoria to be in the toilet. The moment, I step into the toilet, there were so many people and always turned back and look at the guard. Victoria came out of the toilet,she dressed in a Qipao and have her makeup on. Her eyes were big, with curly hairs, walking toward me . I was stunned . How can she be so beautiful ??? I shouted SongQian Fighting !! We will support you forever. Some shouted fxsongqianbar, supporting you forever.Neither did we all grabbed her, nor pulled her or even touched her, We just followed her.

We followed their car and reached their next filming site. Fans were all around the area. They were unable alight from the car. After some cooperation and some fans’ rules implemented, Victoria was being “welcome” like a bride . I’m already feeling cold that time wearing only jeans and shirts. Victoria wore stocking with a red robe. I stood at the chair and took the photos. Passerby asked ” who is she ? so beautiful ! ” I replied to them ” This is your QingDao lady. “

[end of 天在1⑶1⑨ fan a/c]


Cr:source/天在1⑶1⑨@fxsongqianbar, english translation/Valerie@khuntorialurve

Fan a/c on Victoria@QingDao [6]

PS: Below are my thoughts:

1. Victoria is very slim and stands really straight, no doubt she has dancing experience. She can even be compared to the Olympic girls. Her waist is small, looks around 24inches. She has a nice butt(?) and slim legs. I am serious, I can swear. (To add on, wearing a black dress, somewhat like the dress in DT, but nicer)

2. Big eyes and small face ( This is obvious)

3. Victoria looks small in real life, although she is tall (her heels’ length are around the same as eunhyuk, eunhyuk fans don’t bash me), and she talks softly, she looks like a vulnerable girl that is dependent on guys (just an opinion)

4. Likes to smile, her smile is so warm.

5. SME is very controlling (The artiste cannot talk to fans and receive presents when the manager is beside)

6. Lastly is what I say in my heart : I’ll kill whoever who says she’s fat

(Outdoor filming )

After she came, she hopped onto the car and went to a restaurant. It’s a Korean restaurant in a resort (why do Korean people go overseas and still eat Korean food by the way). This time I realized below below the jacket, she was wearing long dress ( Maybe she changed clothes in the car?! ), after that Victoria went to the restroom and I saw the black qibao she was wearing. Her figure was super good, ultra beautiful. After she came out, she was wearing flat boots. Qibao with boots, we fainted ( shocked at cody’s creativity ). After that we followed her car, their driver was mean and drove them in circles. After they reached the bridge, their car was surrounded by people thus Victoria was unable to go out. The car drove away after a while and we wanted to follow but we saw 2 staff waiting and we knew that they Vic would have to come sooner or later. Me, Winnie bar, and one person from f(x) bar was waiting with the 2 staff beside. During this period one granny asked “whats going on?!” while another granny answered “Filming a movie maybe” and we almost died laughing. Their van circled again and returned, Victoria finally came out wearing a black qibao and a red half jacket with gold linings. Wah she looked gorgeous, especially under the sunset with wind blowing, her dress exposing her long legs~ my god~ Nose bleed~~(Please anticipate the broadcast to see that woman under the sunset beside the sea~ Of course, she already changed into her heels, if not everyone will push the cody down into the sea~ mi a nei!~~ im evil)!~Then, both ShinDong and EunHyuk started the filming first, followed by Victoria walking up the stairs. OMG ~~ Everyone is cheering~~shouting SongQian including other family fans. We really appreciated it. Totally Daebak !!

[end of D&J fan a/cs]


cr.info/d&j@fxsongqianbar , English translations by Zo@khuntorialurve

F(x) Song Qian Bar Support @QingDao

So i’m not going to translate what all this gifts were about. Picture speaks louder than words.



[Photos]Khuntoria New Thailand Trip photos



[Photos]F(x) new elite photos


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[Photos]Victoria New Marie Clair Photo


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[HQPhotos]Victoria@MBC MBC’s “The Great Birth”


Cr:photos/ winniebar  & songqian.net

KV khuntoria Backup Force@QingDao

We have gave all the gifts to Victoria in-person. Victoria received with both hands and was shocked, her mouth formed a O shape. Her rabbit eyes reappeared this time, seems to be  uncertain when she looked at the presents. Aiyoo ,we did not expected the backup force to be so grand this time.

We asked for her signature, she nod her head and signed on the KV khuntoria logo picture paper.Then she asked is one enough for you all?? In the end, she gave us 3 signatures ^^.

She is very beautiful, like a barbie doll. Her skin is really good, soft like a cotton, feels like squeezing her cheeks. She does have a small face. I confirmed her height is 168cm,her hands shape is beautiful but it’s a bit rough, she must have been doing house work .

Our letter to SongQian,

To:Little Song,

 As our age were older than you, allowed us to call you this way. We were KV Khuntoria Fans~~This is our kv khuntoria fans support. We hoped that the gifts will appear in the WGM filming (As we really spent a lot of efforts ,time and money. )We all agreed that these gifts were suitable for khuntoria, no matter how expensive it cost.  So please let these gifts have a opportunity to be in khuntoria’s house.

There is a question we hope you will give us a reply. Did you and Nichkhun really fall in love for real? If yes, go ahead and love each other, date secretly!!!!!! We will support you. If  you wanna have a fan talk ,feel free to join in. You can leave us a email if you like to join in ~~

Lastly, we knew that it’s difficult to survive/live in Korea. If you have anything you wanna share,feel free to tell us, we will definitely help you !! ~Remember ,no matter how hard and how tired it was, Fighting !!!!. We look forward from  you in joining us or email to us .Send our greeting to Nichkhun . Khuntoria Fighting !!


Cr:info/miki182, English translation/Valerie@khuntorialurve

Joke of the day :)



taken from 2pmbar.

[Fanart] Khuntoria



Korean Netizens’ comments on Victoria@QingDao Nate [3]

Comment 32: If Nichkhun was beside her , he must be busying covering the dress.KKKK

Comment 33 : seems to hear Nichkhun’s voice coming from somewhere••••

Comment 34: victoria♥nichkhun    khuntoria

Comment 35 : Reporter, please don’t bully Victoria, that Nichkhun’s.


Cr:source/nate, Chinese translation/khuntoriaxixi@winniebar, English translation/Valerie@khuntorialurve


their intro and their medley perf was so. fucking. cool. ide.

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their intro and their medley perf was so. fucking. cool. ide.


There’s a meaning behind this medley. For those who doesn’t know, I’ll explain:

Everything you see is a mindmap. Each of the 2PM member represents one emotion/theme/whatever you call it.

First, Chansung is longing. He stands outside, wavering the telephone booth, wishing to call the girl and ask her to come back, but at the same time, he knew he had been dumped and thinks if there’s a need to call. That’s why he wavered and sang ‘Again and Again’.

Second, Junho is sadness. The make-up he has showed as if he cried. That’s why he sang ‘I Hate You’, what he wanted wasn’t sadness. That’s why he hated the girl for giving him something not he wanted.

Third, Wooyoung is anger. That’s why he kicked and threw things away. He sang ‘Without You’ due to the anger caused by the girl, that anger allowed him to be optimistic.

Fourth, Junsu is loneliness. He pressed the piano keys, but nothing came out. It portrayed as if the piano is him, the notes are the melodies of his life. But without the girl, his life is quiet, nothing. That’s why when he pressed the keys, nothing came out. He is waiting for the girl to come back and make his life full of melodies again. That’s why he sang ‘Tired of Waiting’.

Fifth, Taecyeon is memory. He dances to reminisce the time he danced with his partner. He sang ‘Only You’ to tell the girl that she’s the only one he loves.

Sixth, Nichkhun is (feel) lost. He walks on the traffic, knowing that he needs to wait for the green light, but doesn’t know that he needs to quickly and cross the road so that he wouldn’t get knocked down. That’s why when the red man flashes again, he stopped, knowing that when the red man appears, we should not cross the road. But he heard cars honking at him, he looked at the vehicles, thinking why isn’t he feeling afraid. This shows that he thinks, without the girl, his life is meaningless. And that, he is not afraid of death. But at the same time, he know he should let go. That’s why he sang ‘Heartbeat’.

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