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Plan to trend #khuntoria1year (on twitter) - SPREAD THE WORD

Don’t be surprised if you see this post everyday … still June 1st, ok? ^^


June 1, 2010: The fateful day when two foreigners, living in the K-Pop world, were (sort-of) joined in holy matrimony. As the elevator door opened on the 50th floor of the 63 building, the anxious “husband” locked eyes (sort-of) with his shocked “wife”. The smiles that spread across the faces of the visually shocking pair showed that both approved of their new “spouse”.

As this newly minted couple embarked on their journey of marital bliss; they shared: laughs, tears, successes, failures, friendship, romance, food (a lot of food) and skinship (A LOT OF SKINSHIP) and much, much more. During this journey, the couple became affectionately known to fans (and sucky antis) as Khuntoria.

June 1, 2011 - The milestone date of Khuntoria’s first anniversary! It seems as though time has just flown by for this couple as well as the fans that have come to adore them. In less than a few days, it will be time inform the rest of the world why this date is so important (well at least to Khuntoria / Khuntorians). With this object in mind, we are planning to trend #khuntoria1year on their first anniversary.

Twitter states that, “Topics break into the Trends list when the volume of Tweets about that topic at a given moment dramatically increases.” So posting a lot throughout the day, like what if often done, won’t put something on the list. It needs to be all of a sudden, at about the same time, and a LOT. (Check here if you want to learn more about twitter and trending)

So, we are planning to trend #khuntoria1yearall at once. Whether you’re in Korea, China, the US, Singapore, Vietnam, Britain, France, Philippines, Thailand, South America, and even Antarctica (…uh, any penguin fans out there?), everyone trends at the same time to shoot the number up and appear on the charts.

The scheduled time is 2PM, KST on June 1. Here are times of major cities/cities where there are reportedly (hearsay mostly) a lot of Khuntoria fans. If you don’t want to look at the list of times (that we’ve graciously put together for you), then you can check out the countdown clock (the trending one, make sure! Not the anniversary one) on khuntorialurve.

(Er, in order to not spam Khun that day, lol, we are going to ask that you guys not tweet @khunnie0624 while repeatedly tweeting #khuntoria1year. Once is fine but a wall of 23,948,209,482,309,483 tweets will be a bit difficult (annoying) to look through. The poor guy would be bombarded and annoyed).

Depending on your time zone, the trending date might be May 31st or June 1st (yes, different months!), so be careful of that.

Honolulu, Hawaii: 8PM (20:00) May 31
Los Angeles, California (PST): 10PM (22:00) May 31
Denver, Colorado: 11PM (23:00) May 31
Mexico City, Mexico: 12AM (00:00) May 31
Houston, Texas: 12AM (00:00) May 31
Lima, Peru: 1AM (01:00) June 1
New York City, New York (EST): 1AM (01:00) June 1
Vancouver, Canada observes PST
Ontario, Canada observes EST

New Delhi, India: 10:30AM (10:30) June 1
Bangkok, Thailand: 12PM (12:00 noon) June 1
Hanoi, Vietnam: 12PM (12:00 noon) June 1
Jakarta, Indonesia: 12PM (12:00 noon) June 1
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 1PM (13:00) June 1
Bandar Sri Begawan, Brunei: 1PM (13:00) June 1
Singapore, Singapore: 1PM (13:00) June 1
Manila, Philippines: 1PM (13:00) June 1
Taipei, Taiwan: 1PM (13:00) June 1
Beijing, China: 1PM (13:00) June 1
Hong Kong, Hong Kong: 1PM (13:00) June 1

London, England: 5AM (05:00) June 1
Paris, France / Berlin, Germany / Madrid, Spain: 7AM (07:00) June 1

Auckland, New Zealand: 6PM (18:00) June 1

Sydney, Australia: 3PM (15:00) June 1

Antarctica: 6PM (18:00) June 1 (Just for you penguins)

Arctic: 6AM (06:00) June 1 (Santa’s probably on summer vacation, but meh. If he wants to trend. lol.)

(If any of the information above is incorrect or any major cities are missing; please feel free to email khuntorialurve.gmail.com. Also, if you’re living somewhere and you’re unsure what time you should trend, email us and we’ll do our best to provide the specific date/time. If we’ve forgotten anyone, we apologize since it’s nearly impossible to figure out where all Khuntorians reside ~ oh the side-effects of Khuntoria’s international popularity.)



[Trending] Notice for trending ”khuntoria1year”

  Please DO NOT tweet ”khuntoria1year” NOW

  In order to trend “khuntoria1year”, you need a sudden increase in tweets, so tweeting it now will NOT HELPING to trend on June 1st.

So we all need to start at the same time-( that we listed earlier for different countries), which is 2PM on June 1st KST

Please spread the word to all the Khuntorians around you

Thank you


Edit: Futuretweets will help you schedule your tweet, so don’t have to be awake when tweeting :P

[iMBC] Bus Project posted on MBC’s WGM website

Posted on the fan board(:

hopefully the PD will see this!

cr: ameiko0228

direct link: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/wedding/board/


[News] 2PM Nichkhun’s Mother is a Pharmaceutical Company CEO

by: hotshotlover30 on May 30, 2011

Via Soompi

On Monday, 2PM’s Nichkhun’s motherYenchit Horvejkul made headlines. His mother is the chief executive officer of a Thai pharmaceutical company called the Union Medical; and on May 26th, she attended the Gangwon Asia Bio Trade Conference for business. Union Medical is one of the leading pharmaceutical importers and distributors in Thailand and was established in 1976. Fans were already aware that Nichkhun was from an affluent family, but were unaware of how much wealth and influence his family had until now.

His luxurious and soft image, along with photos of his home and private school, has earned him the nickname “Thai Prince. It was revealed that Nichkhun attended the ultra-exclusive Wanganui Collegiate School in New Zealand, where British royal Prince Edward the Earl of Wessex also attended. Additionally, Nichkhun had posted photos of his home in Thailand last year. His family’s villa-like estate is complete with a pool and garden and is located conveniently by the beach.     

Nichkhun’s mother has been very supportive and open about her love to her son. Last December, she appeared on MBC’s “We Got Married” to meet and greet her make-believe daughter-in-law Victoria. Additionally, she, along with Nichkhun’s extended family members, starred in a LG U+ international call commercial with her son. Nichkhun has also tweeted various photos of his mother standing next to his posters.

I love Khun but I am jealous too…

Perfect family, perfect mom, perfect wife, perfect face….What’s else he could ask for more? Oh, he still needs a perfect wedding ^^;;


[twitter] Uncle Jake RTed about the Khuntoria bus news

He is one of  the biggest Khuntorians out there <3

Screencapped by me


[ADDMORE/ENDORSEMENT] Khuntoria - New Pics Of Carribean Bay Commercial

Khuntoria - New Pics Of Carribean Bay Commercial


cr.official site

[FANTAKEN/PICS] 110530 f(x) In Japanese magazine

f(x) In Japanese magazine


cr: private twitter / fx bar

[Pic] Bus part of presents for Khuntoria 1 year Project (part 1)

says “You are the most beautiful thing in my life. Even if I fall into there forever, I wouldn’t regret about it.”

says “1st anniversary of our beloved beautiful couple Khuntoria”

Cr as tagged

Thanks Sun for the translation


As far as I know this is 1 part of the 1 year project from KVCN and tianya (Yeah, there are more to come ^^)

There will be 20 buses #1133 ( 1133 means WANT WANT BOBO in Chinese) promoted for 1 whole month

Those 20 buses have 51 stops route (5120 in chinese = I love you)

The city bus route circles was chosen, also suppose to mean their love goes in full circle/ aka never ending

…. I’m so hyped that I cant sleep lolz and it’s 5AM

What have Khuntoria done to me?sigh ;P


[Pic] Part of presents for Khuntoria 1 year Project (updated)

I dont know ( and am really curious) about Winnies and Korean Khuntorians’s presents for the 1 year Anniversary. But I have a feeling it’s gonna be BIG and AMAZING

Just look at this teaser~

Just like 1 year ago…

Taken by a korean fan

Cr as tagged

I cant wait…


[FANART] Khuntoria ep48 - Meal Box For My Wife

[FANART] Khuntoria ep48 - Meal Box For My Wife


I really love this EP, Can’t stop watching ^^

cr: as tagged / tianya

They are just too sweet for words ^^


[Fun] Khuntoria for Cabi Cf [Fan made]

This NEEDS to happen ;P


Cr: to original source

Thanks Hyun for the tip

Lotte Duty Free - Full Version

Cr: HeroJaejoongK

Thanks guest for the link

Too many  eyes candies, I can’t even…

But I wonder of Khun has actually talked to SSH since they worked together here lolz

[Gif] 2PM Lotte duty free CF song

Thanks Jill



KYAAAAAAAAAAA why so cuteeeeeee?!!!!!!!!

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