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[Caps] Khuntoria WGM Preview cut ep 32

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When Khun husband want to show his skills



[Pics] 2pm@haru hana Japanese Magazine


[Pics]fx chicken mania poster

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[Pics]fx chicken mania poster
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[Pic] What’s inside Vic’s big eyes?

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WGM-Special to be broadcast on 02/02/2011

I’m not sure what will be aired on Victoria’s Bday. Whatever the case, just stay tune on the 2/02/2011, i will post the streaming link on that day. ^^



[Fanart] Fanart of Victoria on ep31


[Fanart] Fanart of Victoria on ep31

“We Got Married” records their lowest viewer ratings this year

Is “We Got Married” feeling the absence of the Jo Kwon and Ga-In couple?

According to AGB Nielson Media Research, “We Got Married” recorded their lowest viewer ratings yet this year, as their January 29th episode recorded 8.8%.

The ‘Adam Couple’ officially left the show on January 16th, which recorded at 10.2%, and although the effects of their exit didn’t show immediately, viewer ratings made a sharp drop into their second week.

With “We Got Married” currently running with two couples - Nichkhun and Victoria, and Yonghwa and Seohyun -, some are expecting an even sharper drop in the coming weeks. While many are looking forward to seeing how the show does without the ‘Adam Couple’ in their lineup, producers are currently in the midst of searching for their third couple.

In comparison, KBS’s “100 Points out of 100” recorded 4.7% in the same time slot.

Source: OSEN via Nate


Victoria transforms into a beautiful magician’s assistant

f(x)’s Victoria embarked on a stunning transformation as an assistant for popular magician, Choi Hyun Woo.

The two teamed up for SBS’sLunar New Year special, ‘Star Couple Challenge Cup‘ to deliver an astounding magic show. Choi Hyun Woo performed a trick that seemed to teleport Victoria from one location to another. Panelists who’ve never seen the magician’s act before were floored, as they blurted out  ”Is this even possible?” and “This doesn’t even make sense.”

The duo then moved onto their next trick, in which the sun illustrated in a children’s storybook that Victoria was reading from gradually disappeared, causing the audience to rub their eyes in amazement.

The “Star Couple Challenge Cup” will air on February 3rd, so be sure to check back with allkpop!

Source: Newsen


Nichkhun cooks spaghetti for Victoria on “We Got Married”

On the ‘Khuntoria’ segment of January 29th’s “We Got Married,2PM’s Nichkhun earned the nickname of ‘Chef Khun’ by preparing a spaghetti dish for his wife, f(x)’s Victoria.

Having created the tomato sauce from scratch, he revealed his satisfaction with the outcome in his black room interview. “Even I think it came out a bit nice. Although Victoria was full, she ate it all up right to the end.” Nichkhun completed his role as the caring husband by doing the dishes afterwards as well.

Fans of the couple were also able to notice just how much more comfortable and closer they got after their trip to Thailand.  The two aren’t as hesitant in initiating skinship anymore and express their affections for one another more often.

Later in the episode, Victoria visited the set of 2PM’s comeback stage with handmade lunch boxes, and Nichkhun greeted her with a surprised, but overjoyed smile.

In his black room interview, Nichkhun expressed how much her visit had impacted him by saying, “I hadn’t seen her in such a long while,  I wanted to give her a hug.”

When asked why, he replied, “Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to because there were other people around us.”

Source: Sports Today, Xsportsnews via Nate

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[Fanart] fanart for Vic’s Bday

cr: awuzhuzhu@t.sina.com.cn

[Fanart] fanart for Vic’s Bday
cr: awuzhuzhu@t.sina.com.cn


110129 Star King - Victoria’s Dance Cut

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[Pics] Victoria@SBS Fantasy Star Couple Challenge

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WGM Ep 31 Eng Subs [Rainmaker]

It’s on facebook vid for now, so we can’t embed. Here’s the link: