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[Insight] Victoria and a Pororo lie detector?

Who is with me to steal all the Khuntoria uncut tapes in MBC?



In the latest episode of Khuntoria, Victoria was holding a Pororo lie detector (뽀로로 거짓말탐지기). If you’re also a fan of the drama ‘the Greatest Love’, you’ll know what I’m talking about but if you’re not, this toy is a lie detector in the shape of a Pororo mic.

If you tell lie and press the button on the mic, the red light will come on and it will say “This is a lie, you shouldn’t tell lies”.

Don’t know if Khun was the one who gave this to Victoria (as she’s a loyal fan of Pororo ♥) since we just suddenly saw it in her hands when they seated on the bus. 

This probably explains why we could hear Khun suddenly say ‘I only like Victoria’ as the bus was leaving… How I wish we could see the whole lie detector part LOL~

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[UPDATE] 110626 Khunnie Tweeted T.S 


and also retweeted quote from Paulo too^^



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Full episode has been subbed! Soo quickly! Don’t forget to thank  Ciksara for her hard work!


[FANART] Victoria Cute Fanart 26062011

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[INSIGHT] Victoria’s gift in Nichkhun’s Family Home

From this screencap found in the upcoming episode of Running Man, check out what’s decorated in the Horvejkul home. Its Victoria’s gift (rooster design), from the Thailand trip, on the wall. tehehe

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[INSIGHT] Khuntoria moments at Inkigayo 110626 - A proud hubby and a proud daddy~

Check this out. More awesome insight from inki today!



Warning : Be aware of photo spams~ LOL

So, as f(x) won at Inkigayo today, many Khuntoria moments can be spotted throughout the last short part of the show. I’m so happy that they’re promoting their albums at the same time so they can meet each other more often ♥ And as such, I hope to see more of Khuntoria moments at the music shows like today’s. kkk

Oh! Saw my wife now~

So they bowed and greeted each other.

When the today’s winner was announced, Khun was the first and the only person clapping with his hands up high.

Still clapping…

Kept on clapping…oh did wife see me? 

The clapping went on… Victoria-ssi, congratulations~
(Did their eyes meet at this moment? I hope they did…)

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[NEWS] f(x) wins Inkigayo Mutizen + Summer Special Stages


by Casper

SBS’s Inkigayo is back once again, and this week’s show was a Summer Special that was full of amazing and fun performances from the top participating K-pop artists!

The ‘Take 7‘ nominees for this week’s show were F.T. Island (“Hello Hello“), SECRET (“Starlight Moonlight“), f(x) (“Hot Summer“), Sunny Hill (“Midnight Circus“), 4MEN (“To Live At Least Once“), Kim Hyun Joong (“Break Down“), and Boyfriend (“Boyfriend“).

We had a new Mutizen winner this week, as it was announced that f(x) was the winner!

Congratulations to f(x)!

To day Winner Inkigayo

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[SCREENCAPS] 110626 Victoria @ Inkigayo By Vicnus

"Pretty in Pink". More like Gorgeous in Pink!



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[ADDMORE] 110626 2PM for VOGUE

Hotness! “It’s happening at 2pm” hehe



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[SCREENCAPS] 110626 Victoria Winner Moment - Inkigayo By Vicnus

soooo pretty! Congrats Vic-baby!



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[INSIGHT] Proud Khun During f(x)’s Inkigayo win

omooo. To top off f(x)’s amazing win, repackaged album and all. There were soo many f(pm) interactions. check out some winnies dug up!

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[Vid] 20110626 - Winner f(x)

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Aaaand…f(x) has won their first Mutizen and music show award for ‘Hot Summer’ promotions! Check it out now ^^ -poga