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Nichkhun@sitcom “All My Love” filming 101122

Heard that they were filming the sitcom in the middle of the night. Hope Khun dont stressed himself ,take care of yourself okie.:)



Detailed Invitation contents by Nichkhun@Ep21



[Fanart] Khuntoria



[Fanart] Beautiful Khuntoria

[When is this going to happen ?? lovely!!!]



Invincible Youth Calender


credit:korean website/songqianbar/winnie bar

SM Ent. Official 2011 Calendar - F(x) (Preorder)

I came across this website that allows you to preorder F(x) calender. It is called Soshigoods. How trust-worthy are they ? I’m not sure , i never try, but here are the comments and latest posts of soshigoods. You guys can try, but dont blame me for anything , i’m just helping out ~Val

  • Price: $16.90
    $16.90 Wall 2 in stock
    $16.90 Desktop 2 in stock


QUOTE(prelude23 @ Nov 23 2010, 04:08 PM)

I already ordered mine from Soshigoods.

I become white rat first la.


Last paper of my finals tomorrow! Wah!



Comments from soshicatalogue

Soshi Goods

Previously known as Cph’s Shop on Soompi and Soshified, John Kim’s online shop for Korean goods now has its own website. His range of goods are mostly K-Pop related but it also includes stationery and items related to Korean dramas. Also, you can request items through email or twitter. Previously, shipping was calculated based on shipping units. However, in the new website I am uncertain over how it is calculated now.

I have been a customer of Soshi Goods back when it was Cph’s Shop last year. From my experience, John is a very understanding and patient seller. Moreover, items are always packaged securely. If I have any problems, they are always resolved quickly and very satisfactorily. I have never opted for tracking but my packages have always arrived in 4 days. *touch wood* However, certain goods are more expensive than other sites/shops/eBay sellers.
–by iced_tea

I’v been a frequent purchaser of  Soshi Goods(previously known as Cph’s shop)  for more than a year now… John is very easy to communicate with and replies speedy fast. Packages always arrive safe and fast! Price is very satisfactory, although some items may be more expensive then other places online – Soshi Goods is definitely my #1
–by tiff

A first-time buyer of Soshi Goods.
[Pluses] Remains virtually the only established store which continues to stock merchandise such as the sets of Everysing Official HQ Photos, Soshi First Concert tees, SPAO zip-up hoodie, SPAO Christmas tees, Beyond 9 hoodies and sweatshirts. Very resourceful in sourcing for out-of-print Soshi-related magazines, which remain in pristine, never-browsed-before condition
[Preferred store for purchasing…] Everysing Official HQ Photos, magazines, SPAO and Beyond 9 merchandise
[Delivery time] 7days

– by ofpuddingsncucumbers




[Photos] F(X) latest photos.


Cr:bntnews and korean website.

[Confirmed]Khuntoria is filming wgm 101123

It has been confirmed that they are filming WGM today, someone saw khuntoria at back of the movie theater, where coffee house and commercial buildings are located.

[Are you guys excited?? haha so ytd Victoria went to the movie premiere and Nichkhun wanted to go as well. lol… so let’s guess which movie are they watching ? Romantic ? horror? Harry Potter? The Warrior’s way?? Hmm.. I do hope they watched Harry Potter because it’s  2hr 40mins movie , enough for them to be together alone !!YESH!!!!] 

[If there are more fan a/c, i will post it up asap]


Cr:chinese translation/ruru@winniebar, english translation/Valerie@khuntorialurve

Khunnie Twitter [23/11/2010]

Doesn’t look like the bear wants to kiss me… T.T

[And why he tweeted this early in the morning?? Bear Omma=Vic Omma??And u guys realised he only tweeted once today ??Yup , you wanna kiss Bear Omma=Vic Omma but Vic Omma doesn’t want to kiss you !!LOL <3!!He is too excited !! lol… i will tell u soon.]


Cr:khunnie’s twitter.


[W2D] 101120 Int’l Wedding Ep. 21 2/2 [Eng Subbed]



[W2D] 101120 Int’l Wedding Ep. 21 1/2 [Eng Subbed]



[W2D] 101121 Copyright Song [Eng Subbed]