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[OFFICIAL] 120623 2PM ‘MTV VMAJ’ Red Carpet [2]

[OFFICIAL] 120623 2PM ‘MTV VMAJ’ Red Carpet

[TWITTER] 120623 Nichkhun Update

[Live Streaming] Music Core @ 4:10PM KST - f(x)’s ‘Electric Shock’

Electric…Electric…Electric…Electric Shock~ Check it out - f(x) Music Core today!

Music Core starts at 4:10 PM KST  (check the clock on khuntorialurve for the time)

Link: http://www.ionair.tv/view.php

Link : http://kpopstream.wix.com/streams#!USTREAM/carg

Link: http://soshified.com/pages/videostreaming#channel_chelupa

Link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/hiitsustreamtv02

If any other sites also stream, please tip us and we’ll add it!

[OFFICIAL] 120623 f(x) Hong Kong Airport (from Korea)

[FANTAKEN] 120623 f(x) Hong Kong Airport (from Korea)

More pics..

Please take out with full credits.

[FANART] Cute Victoria On Jet Aegyo (MCD)

cr:  某Ga待磨平一身反骨  via forsongqian|welovekhuntoriath

[PICS] Shinsahkhun’s Birthday Gifts for Nichkhun

What are inside these boxes?
Shirts, Sweaters Etc - Pants, Shoes Etc - Health Products Etc - Individual fan gifts - Others


(Source: fykhun)

[GIFS] Flawless Song Qian - 100 Million Quiz Show

so pretty~ 


cr: 不辞冰雪为茜热 | forsongqian

(Source: forsongqian)