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[News]Winners at the 8th “2011 Korean Music Awards”

The 8th “2011 Korean Music Awards” were recently held at the Woori Financial Hall in Seoul on February 23rd, where singers were rewarded for their successful promotions in 2010.

miss A was awarded the “Best Dance & Electronic Song” award for their hit track, “Bad Girl Good Girl”, while 2NE1 won the “Best Dance & Electronic Album” award for “To Anyone”. Indie band10cm was awarded the “Best Pop Song” for their song, “I’m Scared of the Dark Tonight.”

Meanwhile, Big Bang’s Taeyang received an award for the “Netizen-picked Best Male Singer“, whilef(x) were chosen as the “Netizen-picked Best Group”.

Although many of the idol groups (only miss A turned up) were not present at the ceremony to receive their awards, the director of the show emphasized, “There are awards shows that don’t give awards to those who don’t show up, but we are not like that.”

The “Korean Music Awards” acknowledges high achievements of music artists active in the popular music industry in the past year, in which award winners are decided by a panel of judges consisting of pop music critics, professional music radio PDs, and academics.

▲ Netizen-picked Best Group – f(x)

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My wife’s pliability T.T


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[Schedules]2pm@Tokyo Girls collection(Fashion show)

What a busy year for 2pm ~~~Valerie

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[Schedules]2pm Fanmeeting in April

2pm will be having a Fanmeeting on April 3rd

The venue is at Culture Center, Kwangwoon University, Seoul


[Fanac+ pics]Khuntoria filming wgm 110222 [8]

Nichkhun and Victoria were at Gyeonggi-do in one of the restaurants ! I was at the other side eating! Victoria is really beautiful and has a small face, Nichkhun’s head is just 1/3 of my face size! It’s quite tiring drinking while looking at Victoria at the same time!(Note:He drank 3 bottles of liquor).I’m so happy to see Victoria.

He is the one that saw them at the Westerndom’s delicacies street….This time, he tweeted with detailed fanac..

(note :i do not know how to translate the restaurant’s name,and restaurant picture + 5 Victoria’s pictures posted below)


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[Pics] Nichkhun J.estina Wallpaper

[News]Nichkhun and his family star in a CF together

2PM’s Nichkhun recently starred in a CF with his entire family!

On February 23rd, LG U+ announced, “We picked beloved Nichkhun and his family to be the new spokesmodels for ‘International Calling 002‘. It’s officially the first time for Nichkhun and his family to both star in a CF together“.

The phone service company added, “International Calling 002’s slogan, ‘Long~call, small fees’, actually matches Nichkhun’s family situation. We believe that using Nichkhun in our ads will heighten the customers’ understanding of and connection to us.”

The CF saw Nichkhun talking comfortably with each member of his extended family for a long time. The ad was filmed in Thailand, and although the weather was hot and humid, the 2PM star did not lose his smile throughout filming. Reportedly, Nichkhun’s sisters also worked their hardest for the recording, and staff members praised the girls for their nice manners and kind demeanors.

A representative of the service commented, “Because Nichkhun filmed the CF with his family in Thailand, we were able to film in a cheerful and happy atmosphere“.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for this charming CF, so check back with us for updates!

Source: Newsen via Nate


—we have posted the pictures earlier on, it’s in the blog.

[Twitter]Jake’s tweet about WGM 110223

On my way back home after finished recording wgm, Khuntoria’s couple dance story!Goguma’s wedding ep! Very interesting! Remember to watch it live on Saturday!


Nth special at all - - 

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Nichkhun’s whereabouts 110223

I am at Cheongdam-dong Kraze Burger restaurant.Nichkhun was sitting beside me!  I’m too shy to even do anything!(posted 12.55PM KST)

P.S i think what she means is getting a signature?taking a photo? etc…

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f(x) cknia chicken poster

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[Screencaps] Victoria ELITE CF caps

cr: cherish_070@twitter

[Screencaps] Victoria ELITE CF caps
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[Pics]Nichkhun and his family @LG international long-distance phone call CF.

Rmbr that I posted earlier on, about this unknown CF that he filmed in Thailand. and yup, he filmed it with his family :) Stay tune for the CF.


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(posted on 15/02/2011) 

[Fanac] Khuntoria WGM filming fan account on Feb 22nd

First of all, Victoria got slender figure, and she was wearing a pair of black and white sneakers, while Khun wore a white hoodie, they are both pretty.

I took a taxi to the Starbucks. Since there were many people, I wanted to go by in an accidental manner so as to take a glance at the filming. But the guard stopped me, fortunately I knew the manager of that Starbucks, after talking with him, I managed to get into the coffee shop and watch them at a close distance.

PD’s cameras were really close to them during filming. They took the seats near the window in the area without sofa seats this time, which were not the same ones they chose in the Christmas special episode.  They took out the laptop and it seemed that they were searching for something, and Khun wrote down on a notebook and even called someone.

I was drooling while watching the filming at Starbucks, and in order to get closer, I went out to talk with the guards, telling them how much I love them. One of the guards said to me’ it is so cold, don’t try hard, and go home’.  I took out my cellphone and show him wgm khuntoria cut from the first to the newest episode, telling them how hyped I was. Considering my age, they allowed me to watch khuntoria filming.

BTW, I am 35 years old, an Ajumma. I wanted to get khuntoria’s autographs before going home, so the guards gave up and not to persuade me anymore. They may take pity on me because others are not allowed to get so close except me. Taking photos was forbidden, so I asked’ May I get their autographs?’ The guard told me that he was not sure when they would finish filming and asked me to go home. I stood outside for a long time, Jung PD?  Anyway, there was a PD smiling to me all the way. I asked the guard why he smiled, he told me that the place where I stood could be reflected in the glass and then filmed into the camera, so he asked me to step aside.

Today’s filming was like something related to investigation and there was no rest time, they filmed all day long. The guards outside complained and said’ it is so cold and please stop doing the cheesy things’.  I never felt any cold and stared at them all the time. Then Jung PD wasn’t comfortable with me and greeted me with a smiling face. Why?  I was chatting with the guards and asked what happened in Jeju trip, what was the topic of today’s filming…So Jung PD was trying to ask me to go home…But I did not get hurt at all…PD left a good impression on me, he was friendly. It was just me who was a little bit tough to handle.

I also asked about the couple rings, one of the guards said’ are these for sweet potato couple?’ And I checked  khuntoria’s hands, there were no couple rings. So I continued to ask’ what were the couple rings mentioned in twitter? Is it just the saying from the company? What was that?’ Then guard in 20s said’ they already got the couple rings at Thailand, isn’t it?’ And he continued talking about the couple rings from Thai. So there was not any news about the couple rings. It seemed like the guards didn’t know anything about that, and said that they hoped they could finish this as soon as possible and then go back to Yoido.

The time I started to go home was 12:02 am, and there was not any sign that they were going to finish. In real life, Victoria got a small face, healthy with elastic skin. They both look like dolls. Victoria’s hair bangs were closer to her face than that in her photos, which made her face look a little bit narrow and long. Anyway, her hairstyle was just so so, but she still got goddess look. She wore a necklace and shined in her jacket. Khun sat there like a doll. I was right behind the PD with a glass wall between us, during the filming, Khun smiled to the PD, which made me surprised and stopped my heartbeat since I thought he smiled to me. I could see khun’s smile in such a close distance and I was almost about to blurt out’ is he human?

Khuntoria were talking happily during filming, and at first Khun was sitting opposite to Victoria, later he played around at Victoria’s side. They were really like common lovers and created such atmosphere at the filming site. There were many staffs there, and two cameras were used to film them. The PD didn’t intervene the filming at all. Khutoria were a little bit tired but they were sweet to each other all the time. They were talking and talking, which made other staffs complained and said’ please finish as soon as possible’. But Khuntoria didn’t even care about others around them; on the other hand, it is funny that other staffs didn’t interrupt them too, those staffs just chatted by themselves while only the PD stared at the screen. After they finished filming, in order to keep them away from fans, the staff guarded them to their vans to go home.

PS: the fan a/c is not well organized, and even the chinese ver translation is a little bit confusing for me, so if my translation makes you confused, I am sorry for that, I’ve tried my best.

source: khuntoria cafe 비비맘

cr: chinese translation/the one, english translation/Joe@khuntorialurve