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2010-11-22 [NK] 2nd 2010 The Korea Jewelry Award 2

credit: shuraba0211 // thank you www.nichkhun.net


2010-11-22 [NK] 2nd 2010 The Korea Jewelry Award 1

credit: shuraba0211 // thank you www.nichkhun.net

[Fanart] Khuntoria Fanart



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Nichkhun shares hangups over his long legs

Most of the 2PM members are known for being tall, but Nickhun stands out amongst them all with his long legs.

On November 20th, the idol appeared on MBC’s variety show “Quiz that Changes the World“, and talked about the discomforts his legs cause him.

Nickhun commented, “When we drive to rural areas and I get inside the car, I become uncomfortable because of my long legs.”

 For reference, it’s said that Nickhun has a height of 180cm (5′10″ inches); his legs alone are 110cm! 2AM members Seulong and Jinwoon also sympathized with Nichkhun’s plight, as they replied, “We feel the same way as Nickhun and understand his feelings.”

However, 2AM’s Changmin cleverly commented, “Jinwoon and Seulong are not all that smart. When they’re inside the car, they could sit on the side where it would be more comfortable, but they always sit in the front and back.”

Comedian Park Mi Sun added to the laughter by noting, “If a person is dim, then their body suffers as well.”

Source + Photo Credits: Newsen


[Photos]Victoria@The Warrior’s Way premiere event



SNSD, SHINee & f(x) model for 2011 calendars

SM Entertainment’s idol groups SNSD, SHINee, and f(x) recently modelled in various photoshoots for their respective 2011 calendars.

SNSD’s concept for the calendar was called, ‘Candid GIRLS with me’, in which the members posed naturally and expressed their friendly images.

SHINee’s calendar, titled ‘SHINee, Meeting Friends’, had the members dressed up in vintage outfits. Posing with special props, the photographers captured a classic yet unique atmosphere.

f(x)’s calendar, titled “Innocent f(x), Tainted with Nature”, dressed the girls in white outfits in order convey their innocent sides, while complementing them with colorful props.

The calendars are available in two formats – one for the desktop computer, and one to physically stick on the wall. The price has been determined for 15,000 Won ($13 USD) and can be purchased on Gmarket from December 5th onwards.



Victoria at The Warrior’s Way premiere event 101122

F(x) Victoria and Sulli attended the movie ‘The Warrior’s Way’ world premiere event at 22/11/2010.

The Warrior’s Way’s movie is about a warrior-assassin is forced to hide in a small town in the American Badlands after refusing a mission.

Stars: Dong-gun Jang, Kate Bosworth and Geoffrey Rush

[2pm Wooyoung ,Taecyeon and 2am Seulong attended the premiere event as well]


Cr:Source/nate, chinese translation/Winniebar, english translation/Valerie@khuntorialurve.

Which 2pm member are in love ??

2pm Wooyoung revealed some 2pm love facts.

In 20/11 MBC World-changing Quiz programme broadcast,Wooyoung revealed some insight about 2pm.

Wooyoung revealed he always feels that they are in love,they are always on the phone during midnight,going out frequently. oh, so they got a girlfriend’kind of thinking..

When he is asked who is the member who has a girlfriend right now ??

He replied instantly ‘I dont know ’ to prevent more questions asked.

MC asked ‘then why do you need to go outside and made a call’? wooyoung replied by stating’ I always made a call when everyone is around’.

[So let’s guess, Taec-Jessica or Khun-Victoria??]


Cr:source/newsen, chinese translation/taozi@wooyoungbar, english translation/Valerie@khuntorialurve.

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2PM, “Beast Idols” Create a New Sensation


W2D: 2PM Interview
This fall, K-POP’s strongest and highest regarded boy group, 2PM, is finally debuting in Japan! In April they released their single ‘DON’T STOP CAN’T STOP’ in Korea of which the lead track ‘Without U’ received first place on all the music charts, thousands of people went to their first concert making it a big success, and more, and they are currently conquering the music scene of Korea. It seems they’ll be causing a movement in Japan next, so we’re reporting our interview with 2PM without delay!

1. “When I auditioned, I seized the chance to debut” (Nichkhun)
Finally the “beast-dols” (beast idols), a boy group with overwhelming popularity in Korea, 2PM, will be landing in Japan this coming winter. Where does 2PM’s charm lay and why are they so well-received in Korea? Via this interview, you will find out that “beastliness” isn’t their only charm, and that their natural playfulness is actually their biggest charm!?

- What is everyone’s motives for going into music? Also, how did you become a 2PM member?
Nichkhun: I was at a concert and a casting manager from JYPE (the office they belong to) approached me, it was really unexpected……. Then I passed the audition and seized the chance to debut.

Junsu: I started thinking “I want to do music!” when I was in the third year of middle school because I really liked Stevie Wonder. At that time I woud see videos of him and aspired musically to be like him……like “I want to be this kind of artist.” So then I chanced an autition.

Chansung: The audition I did for “Superstar Survival” aided me in entering JYPE. At the beginning I had planned to be an actor, but once I started learning to dance and sing at JYPE, I thought “This is interesting!” And then before I knew it, I wanted to become a singer.

Taecyeon: I also entered JYPE through an audition program, and had a very difficult time training for 2 years, but being blessed with good fortune, I was chosen to be one of the members of 2PM.

Junho: Just like Chansung and Taecyeon hyung, I was on the audition program “Superstar Survival” and passed, then I became a member of 2PM.

Wooyoung: Through a public audition to become a trainee at JYPE, I entered JYPE, and am currently in it.

- Now, this is sudden, but please tell us about your charms for 30 seconds!
Wooyoung: Ehhhh……(Impatient Wooyoung). Ah, I have a cheerful personality……I think. I’m interesting. I always do my very best! (laugh)

Junho: It’s a little bit embarrassing to say this about myself, but……the thing I’m most confident about myself is, I suppose, my smile. And also, what all the members love! my butt!

Taecyeon: My charm is……hmm, this is hard~ to say this out of my own mouth. But, my personality I guess? I’m fairly cheerful. Among the members, anyway. What, hm? I’m cheerful? I……. I think I’m really cheerful. But, I’m gloomy when it’s gloomy, though……Anyway, a good personality! that’s my charm!

Chansung: Agreement~! Whoo~ I guess it’s my personality too? I guess I’m a bit absent-minded. Like this (he shows a facial expression like “poka~n”). I don’t know if you know what I mean, but once you’ve been around me for a long time I think you’ll understand.

Junsu: For me it’s my personality too. I think I have the kind of personality where I try to see the positive side to everything. Also, I will always thoroughly love music.

Nichkhun: I’ll start with something different by saying that I think I have a heart that makes me strive to do my best and be honest. Can I call something like that a charm? (the members nod in assent). Well, I guess that’s my charm!

2. “Recently I’ve started memorizing hiragana and katakana” (Taecyeon)

- I would think you would be too busy to have much free time, but what is the thing that interests you most?

Wooyoung: That’s right. Lately I’ve been studying acting and foreign languages.

- What kind of actor do you want to be?
Wooyoung: Well……my objective is to become an actor who is able enough to make the best out of a character for a particular work.

- Is there a particular actor you want to be like?

Wooyoung: (embarrassed) I personally love Sean Connery. If I could also put on a beard like that…….

Junho: When I get a break I listen to a lot of songs and music. I don’t just listen though, I think about how the song was made, why it was given such a melody……and while I’m thinking about it I also do composing myself all while I’m on a break.

- Is there any music you’ve been listening to in particular these days?
Junho: I listen to Usher’s music. Not just his recent album, but his past ones, starting from his debut album up to his current one, and I’m continuously immersed thinking about how his music has been developing over time.

Taecyeon: What’s been intersting me most is……I guess, my body’s appearance! Lately my body has been slackening off……but I’ve restarted exercising again. Besides that, I’ve started memorizing hiragana and katakana. I’m trying my hardest! For now I’ve memorized all there is to memorize, but I have yet to get the distinctions down. I get tested on them every single day……is what it feels like.

Chansung: What interests me lately……is no other than Japanese. Besides that, my body……I should work on gradually rehabilitating too (laugh). With Taecyeon hyung…….

Junsu: I’ve always been super interested in composing, however besides just composing, I’ve been trying out writing melodies and arrangement. Therefore, when I listen to songs, whether it be a singer or an artist……I think more of how a producer would listen to the music.

- Then do you use DTM (Desktop Music)?
Junsu: Yes, I do.

Members: The sound from that……it’s so noisy (laugh).

Nichkhun: When I have time, I like to practice on the piano. Recently I’ve been into sports, mainly golf and badminton, but……there’s no time. I have a lot of interest in them though.

Members: Saying you have interest in them……isn’t that impossible?

Nichkhun: Yes……it seems impossible (laugh).

3. “It’s fun to interact with Japanese fans!” (Junho)

- Lately there have been increasing amounts of both male and female Korean groups advancing to Japan, and the groups always have big dreams such as “No 1 on Oricon!” and “Japanese performances!” What sort of dream does 2PM have for Japan activities?
Junho: As for the Oricon chart ranking, I think it’s important to see it with your own eyes, but we aren’t going to Japan just because we’re “beast-dols” (beast idols). Therefore, we’ll have to work hard so we can show everyone of Japan through new personal experiences that we’re more than that. That’s all for right now. Like that, we will be able to show our true selves through our activity and once we’re able to reach through to everyone of Japan, we could perhaps get such a rank naturally. If that doesn’t happen, it will become our own weakness. We can wait to reach such a high hurdle, and instead, we can first enjoy interacting with Japanese fans for now! That’s how I feel.

- Well said. Lastly, please give a message to your Japanese fans!

Wooyoung: 2PM has been given a wonderful opportunity this time and I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart. We’ll be able to meet soon!

Junho: I’m really thankful to all of the fans who always come to Korea, and to those who support us. I will try my best to match the “breathing” of all the Japanese fans, so please think kindly of me!

Taecyeon: I want to hurry and go to Japan so we can show you how hard we work. (In Japanese) Please wait for us! Thank you. Let’s meet again!

Chansung: Even though we’re from a foreign country, everyone in Japan gives 2PM lots of love……. Even so, I think it’s great and I’m thankful for all that we’re given through such a job as this. I want to respond to all of that love from the Japanese by firmly holding onto those feelings. Thank you.

Junsu: From now on 2PM will grow to be even better, and since we will be going to meet you all as hot beast-dols, please wait for us!!

Nichkhun: I will work my hardest so as not to disappoint the Japanese fans. Also, I can’t wait to go to Japan and meet everyone!

(Interviewer/Furuya Shoukou)

1. Chansung’s “poka~n” face is how the Japanese describe the face he always makes. the one that looks like he’s zoning out, lol
2. hiragana and katakana refer to 2 of the Japanese alphabets
3. DTM, or Desktop Music, is another word for MIDI music

Source: http://smash.music.yahoo.co.jp/pow_dtl/itv/powyjm00406/
Translated by: dawnjelly @ Wild2Day.org
take out from 2pmalways.com




[photos]Khun@2010 Korea Jewelry Awards 101122



Nichkhun’s Japanese Magazine interview

Q:What are the key words you would say when you confess your love to her?
A:No key words, KISS directly

(Val:I love this answer, when khun going to do that to Victoria?)

Q:Ideal type?
A:Kind and lovely, one who know the importance of parents

Q:If given a chance for you to have a day to date,what will you do ?
A:I hoped it’s everyday, want to look at each other or walk along the beach together

Q:something that you must have in your bag?
A:Vanila Tea

Q:During dating, are you the kind of being control type or controlling your partner type??
A:I’m a strong type, if both failed to be together, i’ll immediately suggest to be friends. my ex-gfs are my friends till now.

Q:Your favourite favour?

Q:What you likes at the moment?
A:not recently,been playing piano, love to take photos


Cr:source/unknown(jap magazine),info/khuntoriacafe ,chinese translation/RURU印@winniebar, english translation/Valerie@khuntorialurve.

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101120 Khun asked Donghae (Eng Trans@Dialog)

—-Start of Conversation—-


Nichkhun:Hyung,What is the capital of Thailand?

DongHae:Sawadeeka(saying Hello in Thai)


DongHae:Where are you ?

Nichkhun:Ah, That.. Hyung

DongHae:Where are you ?Where are you ? Where are you ?

Nichkhun:Answer me first.

Nichkhun:Hyung,What is the capital of Thailand?

Donghae:Bangkok(saying it in a correct pronunciation)

Nichkhun:Hyung,What is the capital of France?

Donghae:Henry?? (Soccer player)

Nichkhun:Capital, Capital

Donghae:What are you doing ?

Nichkhun:I’m in a show right now

Donghae:What show is that ??

Nichkhun:Ah, friend of  mosquito  ,EEEee.. that one


Nichkhun:What is the capital of Vietnam?

Donghae:Are you going to ask me those difficult questions now ?

Nichkhun:Ai, No, I understand.. Ah..,pass pass

Nichkhun:What is the capital of England?


Lee Hwi-jae MC:Time’s up

Nichkhun:It’s so difficult

Park Mi-sun MC:DongHae-sii, this is “World-Changing Quiz”

Donghae:Ah..Oh.. ‘World-Changing Quiz’

Park Mi-sun MC:Do you know what we are doing now ?

Donghae:I thought that it is just a phonecall

Park Mi-sun MC:Ah,You thought that Nichkhun is playing a fool with you


Lee Hwi-jae MC:So Donghae, what are you doing right now ?? why u seems distracted??

Donghae:I was reading a book


Park Mi-sun MC:Donghae-sii, which book are you reading right now?

Donghae:I’m…now..ah… Please wait for a while


MC: Have to take a look at the cover for book name

Donghae:I’m reading the book without the light on

Park Mi-sun MC:Ah.. You switched off the light

Donghae:Lee Hwi-jae Hyung,the director of the skin care company informed me to tell you that you need to pay up your fees.


MC:really??You both went to that skin care company ???

MC:NO, no , it’s not like that

Donghae; Lee Hwi-Jae hyung said Why i never have back skin-care treatment

MC:Yes,why they dont give me back skin-care treatment, let’s find a day and go together.

Park Mi-sun MC:Donghae is so interesting

Park Mi-sun MC:Then you continue to read your book,noctilucent book

Donghae:Ah , so it’s end like this?

Park Mi-sun MC:do you still have something to say?

Donghae:I wish i can do a programme together with you guys.

Park Mi-sun MC:You can, You can come anytime you like.

Donghae:Goodnight everyone

Park Mi-sun MC:Okay,Thank you Donghae, Goodnight



Cr:video/七禾页@tudou,english translation/Valerie@khuntorialurve

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