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[Fanfic] Summer Solstice - Chapter 2: Her Past

Chapter 2: Her Past

Nichkhun turned his attention away from his self-declared victory to refocus on Victoria as he said, “We look like we’re around the same age; so I think that you’ll be waiting on me. I’m going to lay out some ground rules just so you’ll know what I expect of you.”

Victoria looked at the self-aggrandizing expression on Nichkhun’s face as he continued his speech and wondered to herself, “How am I going to pass the days with such a troublesome young master?”

Noticing that she was staring off into space, Nichkhun asked loudly, “Are you paying attention?!”

Startled by the loud volume of his voice, Victoria quickly looked over towards him and vehemently nodded her head in affirmation.

With a slight smirk on his face, Nichkhun asked, “So what is that I was saying?” Victoria stood silent, not knowing what he had said to her.

Nichkhun shook his head and said, “I knew you weren’t listening,” to which Victoria quickly responded, “I don’t remember your exact words, but I’m sure that you were saying that I’ll need to do everything you say from here on out, right?”

Satisfied with her succinct response, Nichkhun nodded his head in agreement and answered, “That’s exactly right.” With that final sentiment, he happily strutted out of her bedroom leaving Victoria awe struck by their first encounter.

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[PROJECT]Last Khuntoria Gifts from KV Cafe

KV cafe contacted both of the agency, send down the gifts to individual company. The first picture captured NK holding on to the gifts. Nichkhun personally received the gifts from them and gave them autograph. 

-cr:kv cafe,posted/Jillie,translated/咸蛋小宁, Valerie@khuntorialurve

cr. Baidu | KV Cafe

[FANTAKEN] 110922 Nichkhun at Eric Benet’s Concert

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[UPDATE2] 110922 Nichkhun Tweet

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He really has good taste in music!^^ And we’re glad that he has some free time to relax. 


[UPDATE] 110922 Nichkhun Tweet

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[VID] 2PM Nepa Winter CF 15s

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Cuteee^^ “Nepa daebak!” LOLs


[Fanfic] Summer Solstice - Chapter 1: Our Beginnings

Chapter 1: Our Beginning

As the sun set in the distant horizon, the landscape of the tranquil hillside, slowly disappeared into the dark of night. Nichkhun closed his eyes and felt the brisk wind brush against him as he pictured her tear stained face. Feeling as though she was there, Nichkhun whispered softly, “I miss you, but I know the summer solstice will bring us together again.” He contemplated that had she been there by his side during this difficult time; the hardships, which he currently faced might have been slightly eased.

Nichkhun’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the loud ringing coming from his telephone. He flipped open the phone and answered in a haggard voice, “Hello?” He was greeted on the other line by an older gentleman who pleaded hastily, “Sir, please come home your Grandfather’s condition is deteriorating!”

Without another word, Nichkhun rushed to his car and drove wildly towards the main house. He knew that the doctors had advised his family to be prepared for his Grandfather’s passing, but the prospect of losing another loved one was more than he could bear. Nichkhun rushed into the grand foyer, passing several maids, who stood at attention with distressed looks upon their faces. He rushed up the stairs and ran down the long corridor.

He only stopped momentarily when his arm brushed against a porcelain vase, which sent the beautifully crafted ornament, crashing to the ground. Not concerned with the broken vase; Nichkhun continued down the corridor, flung open the closed double oak doors and rushed towards his Grandfather’s bedside. He tenderly grasped his Grandfather’s hand and looked earnestly at the elderly man’s worn features. Nichkhun could barely hear his Grandfather’s shallow breathing over the beeping sound coming from the heart monitor, which filled the silence in the room.

Nichkhun looked up at the doctors who surrounded his Grandfather’s bed and the fear stricken expression on his face prompted the head physician to say solemnly, “His vitals are very weak so we don’t think that he’ll be able to hold on much longer. We would like to assure you that he’s not in any pain.” Nichkhun’s non-responsiveness signaled to the doctors that they should take their leave.

After a few moments of silence, Nichkhun’s Grandfather slowly opened his eyes and forced a weak smile as he looked at his Grandson’s worried expression. In a low raspy voice Nichkhun’s Grandfather said, “My dear Grandson, don’t be so sad, we all must die sooner or later. My life has been fulfilling and I’m very happy that I will soon join your Grandmother in heaven.”

Nichkhun could not respond and only fought to restrain himself from bursting into tearful sobs. His Grandfather continued, “There is one aspect of my life, which I greatly regret. Khun, please open the top dresser and get me the picture in the frame that is faced down.” Letting go of his Grandfather’s hand, Nichkhun walked to the dresser and took out the only picture frame that was in the drawer. He flipped over the frame and looked at the image of Victoria’s smiling face. He brought the picture over to his Grandfather, who gently used his finger to trace the outline of the young girl’s face.

Looking up from the picture, Nichkhun’s Grandfather said tearfully, “Our family owes her everything.” Nichkhun simply nodded in agreement and sat back down on his Grandfather’s bedside. His Grandfather earnestly asked him, “Do you remember when she first came to our household? I can’t recall that day, but I’m very sure that it’s a day, which you have not forgotten.” Nichkhun responded softly, “Yes, I remember the day as if it were yesterday.”

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[VIDEO] 110921 Idol Chart 빅토리아(Victoria) - You are Pet (Winsome) #7

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The girl has got cuteness down in strides, she’s just sooo adorable, and beautiful and… I could go on. lol

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[VIDEO] Khuntoria, The Jealous Couple

Check out more of jealous Khunnie!

Check out more of jealous V-baby here!


You know, for extremely attractive people, these two are weirdly jealous. LOL I love them~

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[OFFICIAL] New Khuntoria Wedding Pictures

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Aww.. these are soooo cute!^^ I love it! Khuntoria forever!^^


[AUDIO/TRANS] 110921 Nichkhun on FM Yokohama

  • DJ: What do you do when you drink/are drunk?
  • NK: There will be more skinship.

cr. ZanyJ01 | Baidu | Thanks Alth for the rough trans!^^

(-_-)” Of course, our skinship king Khunnie.. LOL


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