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[Schedules]Victoria & Nichkhun|24/2 & 14/03

  • [24/02/2011]
    Jill by Jill Stuart Fashion Show (Victoria and Sulli) 
  • [14/03/2011]
    J.ESTINA White Day Fan-sign meeting@Lottee Department Store(Nichkhun)


[Fanart] Victoria

Cr: 幻境鬼妖@winniebar

[Pics]Victoria@MTV X Daum Music Feat



[Pics]Victoria@MTV X Daum Music Feat

[Fanart] Khuntoria cartoon for ep34

cr: awuzhuzhu@t.sina.com

[Fanart] Khuntoria cartoon for ep34
cr: awuzhuzhu@t.sina.com

Victoria’s Official Korean Fanpage is opened :) ~~SPAZZ!

[Unreleased-cut]Khuntoria Ep 34 ( MBC official website release)

[Rough trans]

Mi-sun:Beauty and the Beast setting?

Jake:It seems interesting..

Khun:I will appear from here.

Vic:kekekeke.. too kind-hearted

Vic:seems like a kind-hearted beast… does not look like a terrifying beast…don’t have a scary feeling at all.. oh..so cute..

Jake:A beast who does not look like a beast

Mi-sun:If there is a beast that is like Nichkhun, i will keep it

Vic:you could wear a beast mask

Khun:Yes(nod),it’s a good idea. Like this ..(drawing on the paper)Victoria~si, You have to wear a mask too..

Vic:I wear a granny mask..

Khun:Ah, that suncap..

Vic:I will come out riding a biycle, wearing that suncap

Khun:clapping while walking…

Vic:There are trees right? lean on the tree and do that exercise.

Khun:if it’s gag, no we can’t do that

Khun:And I will be making a camero in the sitcom’All my love’.. stars as a substitute of Jo-Kwon.. And at the very last part, I will make a phone call to you..

vic:HAHA, really?

Khun:I will say doongdoong, i have earned a sum of money… DoongDong~

Vic:Is it stated in the script?

Khun:There is no doongdoong in the script.

[Note:it might not be 100% accurate… so just read it for fun :)]We will translate it once we have the chinese sub.

cr:swf/很CJ的教程@sina,chinese translated/vicky_907,english translation/Valerie@khuntorialurve,video/Khuntorialurve


[WGM website official note]

Khuntoria who have received the “MBC Gayo Daejun” mission card,were in a cafe having a brainstorming session before meeting the choreographer. How will the brainstorming session ends? And What is Nichkhun’s Doongdoong hidden secret,who will be making a cameo in “All my love”?

~~P.S please still visits the official website to increase the video-count http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/wedding/svod/.

[Fanart] Khuntoria fanart for ep34

cr: as tagged

[Uncut]WGM official website release Khuntoria uncut-Ep34

check the following link to watch the video:http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/wedding/svod/

[Fanart] Angel Nichkhun