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[Live Streaming] Mnet M!Countdown @ 6:00PM KST - f(x)’s ‘Electric Shock’

f(x) has a special stage today on M!Countdown, so look forward to it!

M!Countdown starts at 6:00PM KST (check the clock on Khuntorialurve for the time) and ends at 7:30  KST.


Mnet official link: http://www.livestream.com/mnetmcountdown
Mnet America Link: http://global.mnet.com/mcountdown/onair.m?mcdMenuId=menu3
Unfortunately M!Countdown’s live stream through Mnet is not available in certain countries. Certain countries have their own Mnet links so try to search for those as well.

Link: http://kpopstream.wix.com/streams#!MNET/cot6
This actually just goes through the Mnet page…I guess if you want to look at people chat lol?

If any other sites also stream, please tip us and we’ll add it!

We’ll be posting the videos up as soon as they come out, hopefully, so if you can’t make the stream look forward to that!