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[Twitter]Nichkhun’s today song

T.S. : Season Change - Nop P.O.P! An inspiring Thai song! One of my all time favorites!

//(rue-doo-thee-taek-tangg)ฤดูที่แตกต่าง http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2OTL2ziCuc&feature=related 

// English version»http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iy0SSPQtIS0

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[NEWS] [110318] SBS “Welcome To The Show” won’t be made into regular show

I didn’t have a chance to watch this show (or rather I avoided it like the plague) but I did hope it would have done well. Hopefully, Nichkhun can participate in another sitcom (or drama) in the future.

- Devo

SBS real sitcom “Welcome To The Show” failed to be a regular show.

On 18th March an official for SBS entertainment show stated, “The pilot episode of ‘Welcome To The Show’ aired on 16th March is also its last episode. ‘Welcome To The Show’ is an experimental show and we use it to determine which way we are heading in the future.”

“Welcome To The Show” is the first mockumentary (fake-documentary: fictitious story shot in documentary style) sitcom in Korean television. It’s about the story of 2PM’s Nickhun, 2AM’s Seul Ong and f(x)’s Sulli on the set of Inkigayo. The viewers rating was 3.9% (AGB Nielsen Media Research).

Having said that, SBS plans to spur things up. The official said, “The production team will surely create a sitcom. There are several projects which are being reviewed internally.”


TRANSLATION by suzelle@IAM for 2AM - 2AM International Forum

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[Fanart]Khuntoria~EP 38 



[Fanart]Victoria’s wallpapers [2]

[Fanart]Victoria’s wallpapers




[Fanart]Khuntoria~The most important thing is to say Yes,I do



[fx] Eithtoo Promo pics

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[Fanart] Khuntoria

whoa really good PS skills (in awe)


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[News] Victoria for Estee Lauder?!?!

'f(x) Victoria's “Estée Lauder” will be revealed on magazine soon !!! (cr:SuneyABO@twitter)


I hope Vic’ll get Estee Lauder CF after this set though. Can we make a petition to them?


Fan Account from a Borbonese shop’s Staff

Unlike what the rumors said, Krystal isn’t someone who is hard to deal with. Although she had a busy schedule, she was still very nice. Victoria looked like a doll and she kept smiling at us. I have the deep impression that Victoria is really caring towards Krystal. Just like the same Victoria in WGM.

— Staff at the Borbonese shop

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Fan Acount from 2PM Concert @ Indonesia

2PM@Live&Rockin(Jakarta, Indonesia)

Last night, 19th March at 7p.m, finally the 6 hottest guys was ready on the stage. The concert was held at JIExpo PRJ Kemayoran Hall A, and fortunately I was standing only 3 rows afar from the stage, so I could se all their faces CLEARLY without SCREEN! After waiting for 2 hours I was be able to see their performance. I’ll be back as the opening song made all Hottest who came are crazy. Junsu was incredibly more handsome in person. After performing I’ll be back they all greet the fans by saying “Selamat Malam Indonesia, Kami 2PM!” (which means “Hello Indonesia, We are 2PM!”). I was jumping up and down and not bother to step on other people foot. After that they introduce themselves in English. When the other member was saying some greetings, Junho that was standing next to Nickhun was seeing a huge Khuntoria Banner from the fans and then smiled. after thet he whispered something to Nickhun while pointing at the banner. And Nickhun reaction was so cute. And then the next song is Heartbeat! They showed their acrobatic skills. After that they sang I Hate You which make the hall even hotter that before! at the end of the song, seem they realized that the fans were getting crazy and standing unstably so Taceyon said to be careful because many people were there attending the concert and many people fainted already. He also promised that 2PM will be back to indonesia soon. Nickhun also saying few words, he was saying a little joke and interacted with fans nicely. After that as the last song they sang their debut song “10 points out of 10″. That was beyond awesome. And the most priceless moment is when Taecyon lifted up his shirt 2 times, showing his abs, it made me squalling, But right after that Junsu waved his hips! OMGOMGOMGOMG, it made me speechless and don’t have ay idea to react! Chansung threw his vest and Daniel (the MC) threw water bottle that was drank by Wooyoung before! Oh God,thank you for creating such a gifted moment. I love you soo much. I hope they’ll really back here soon

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And I thought he was holding his jacket but…

…. No

It had to be Vic’s, his wife’s!!!! lolz

Ahhh, these two really know how to drive us crazy ( in a good way)^^


Khuntoria Banners @ 2PM Indonesia Concert

Thanks Chaa for showing her love to Khuntoria even if if she didnt have much time to prepare. Khuntorians are deabak!!!!

I’m sure Khun was proud and happy ^^


Edit: We found one more ^^

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[Pics] Nichkhun in Jakarta

vjdaniel : The most humble and coolest guy I chat to from 2PM! @Khunnie0624. Safe flight, bro!

credits: sanny_aura

2PM with the Indonesian singer Aura Kasih (The brown shirt girl)

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[Fanart] Victoria @ Blood Donation 2011


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