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[Event] f(x)(에프엑스) - La ChA TA + NU ABO (Music Fest 뮤직페스트 110219)


[Pics]Nichkhun@SBS filming ‘Welcome to the show’ 110219

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110219 F(x) - NU ABO @ MTV Daum Festival

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[Pic] F(x) @ MTV Daum Festival (2)


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[Pics] Gorgeous Victoria @MTV Daum Festival (Updated)

and that is how the mom taking care of the daughter

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[Pic] F(x) @ MTV Daum Festival

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khuntoria ep 34110219 part 2
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[Translations]Funny and cheesy dialogs of Khuntoria

Since our Chinese admins are too busy and some are not in a good condition and also we got many translators/subbers out there which can provide video with Engsub very soon. Therefore, from now on we will not trans the whole episode but we will share some funny/meaningful dialogs for you guys to enjoy ^^. This ep is all about the “bobo” (kiss) thingy , so here we go:

"khun: i bought u a gift. don’t be angry
vic: why should i be angry?
khun takes out coffee he bought in china and carefully explained how to use it
vic: I am Chinese. I can read the instructions on it”

"choreographer: do u guys have any suggestions?
khun: beauty and the beast
choreographer: u both are beautiful ppl
vic: wah beautiful man
khun: wa beautiful woman
choreographer: what song reminds u of khun?
vic: none.
khun: ah? u don’t miss me?
vic: it’s not that, i don’t need to listen to songs to think of u
khun was touched and held victoria”

" Eunhyuk upon meeting khuntoria said "why don’t you kiss. have u kissed each other before?"

Nichkhun in his blackroom interview said that he thought abt it. PD asked him why he didnt tell vic, khun said he was shy, doesn’t know how to start, can’t say “let’s kiss ok?” like this”

"Eunhyuk passed by dance studio, vic asked him for suggestions, he said let the performance start off with a kiss, and end it with a kiss. hahaha simple and effective.

Vic became embarrassed and said why did u come. eunhyuk said, “it’s our company’s dance studio. why cant i come. Even a jyp artiste (referring to khun) can come!”

"Vic said this suggestion was a bit too shy for her in the blackroom interview
but at the dance studio, she was, “ok this suggestion is fine.” khun: u like it? sure? u like it? …

"Eunhyuk: why not you dance to elevator song, do u know?
vic: i dont know
eunhyuk: it’s the one where you kiss all the way in the elevator~~”

Credit: bigtoulia的标签@t.sina.com.cn

Eng Trans by december@khuntorialurve (thanks dear <3)

Sorry ELFs, but i think i’m in love with Eun Hyuk now haha, thanks for bringing the bobo thingy to our couple oppa <3.


Victoria’s heightened caution of Nichkhun’s interaction with other ladies

This time, Victoria showed an increased awareness for Nichkhun’s interaction with other women.
Today’s wgm showed both of them on a movie date.
Nichkhun gave Victoria coffee that he bought in China as a present when khuntoria met again after a long period of time, causing one to feel the affection for one another through this small moment.
Thereafter, Nichkhun went off to buy popcorn and approached the ticket sales lady, asking questions such as if there were “any scary movies available”. Victoria suddenly questioned Nichkhun on why he had to converse a lot with the lady, saying, “shouldn’t we ask together?”, causing much laughter.

In their blackroom interviews, Victoria smiled saying that, “It’s been a long time since we met, and I wanted to receive a bit of concern. Don’t women usually get jealous and misunderstand the situation? Seeing that many women like Nichkhun.”
Furthermore, the episode also revealed Khuntoria’s dance practices for 2010 MBC Gayo Daejun.

Cr: news taken from a korean website
Chi trans/舔酒杯的黑猫@winniebar
Eng trans/december@khuntorialurve

[Rumor] Victoria schedule

울 패션쇼에 빅토리아 온다던데, 2월 24일 질바이 질스튜어트 패션쇼!

Victoria will attend jillbyjillstuart fanshion show on Feb 24th!



"Why do you speak so much with other ladies?"—-Victoria’s burst of jealousy caused Nichkhun to panic

WGM’s episode on 19th February showed Nichkhun and Victoria on a movie date. Having finished their busy schedules, both Nichkhun and Victoria met each other and enjoyed their date amidst a lovely atmosphere. Before watching the movie, Nichkhun and Victoria proceeded to buy popcorn and drinks. The ever meticulous Nichkhun asked the counter staff for the movie synopsis and further information, causing Victoria to cast Nichkhun a glance saying, “Why are you speaking so much with other ladies?” Nichkhun became flustered upon seeing Victoria’s jealousy. Victoria expressed that she will not let her guard down at Nichkhun’s interactions with other ladies. Furthermore, Nichkhun attempted to appease Victoria by saying that he “has no one else but Victoria”, thus earning a smile from Victoria.

Cr: News taken from Korean website

Chinese translation/舔酒杯的黑猫@winniebar

Eng trans/december@khuntorialurve

[Screencaps] wgm khuntoria ep34 screencaps

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