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Another translation of ChangMin’s “Thanks to”- DBSK Changmin ‘Keep Your Head Down (Repackaged)’ Thanks to♥

So again, it’s confirmed!!!! The “thanks to” is real and ChangMin’s so sweet to Vic that many of his fans were surprised ^^ ( Vic’s is the sweetest one as u can see below)


Changmin ‘Thanks to’

source: Changmin’s DCinside

●Super Junior KRY who has gradually reached the center and becoming more Handsome Yesungie hyung

●The always polite one, pure and sweet, Seo Joohyun (SNSD Seohyun)~

●The outgoing boy a like with her clear eyes which is like a deer, Im Yoona

●The hard-working one from out of the town, but always strong and smiling easily, living earnestly, beautiful Qiannie (F(x) Victoria)^^ 

●Strong to the “Legally Blonde” musical, pretty Park Luna.

●the one who’s always smiling even in a reversal, Jung Soojung (F(x) Krystal)

●cute Sulli.

●the youthful Amber

●Little by little to know a good Zhoumi hyung^^, the cute one Henry.

CR: http://blog.naver.com/a880203/10105290861



[Edit] Another one

Super Junior KRY who gradually reached the center and become more handsome Yesungie hyung ㅋ,
The always polite, pure, and sweet Seo Joohyun~ (T/N: SNSD SeoHyun),
also… outgoing boy-like with purely clear deer eyes!! Im YoonA ㅎ,
The hardworking one from out of town, it must be difficult but always smile easily and stay strong, beautiful Qiannie ^^ (T/N: real name of f(x) Victoria – Song Qian)
One who’s working hard for musical ‘Legally Blonde’, the pretty Park Luna~
One who’s always smiling even during the upside down, Jung Soojung~ (T/N: f(x) Krystal)
Cute Sulli~
The youthful Amber ㅎ,
One whom I gradually get to know about, the good man Zhoumi hyung ^^,
Cute Henry ㅋ,

credit: Changmin DC Gallery
trans: sharingyoochun.net

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