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f(x) - GranAge T0gether Ver

Nichkhun for Men’s Health Magazine (March Issue)

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Korean fancafe membership for February~

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[Real 2PM] 2PM with Cass 2 (winter ver.)

[Twitter] NK’s Tweet - T.S on 18/02

Khunnie0624 : T.S. : Cosa Hai Messo Nel Caffe - Lisa Ono~ Apparently it means “What have you put in my coffe?” in Italian~ correct me if I’m wrong~ =]

cr (source ) : Khunnie0624@Twitter (NK’s twitter )


eis : I initially wanted to post the lyrics up,but there isn’t an English version. ( just Brazilian )

[Fanfic]~ water + cactus = destiny ~


nichkhun+ victoria= khuntoria


heart Someone has told me that ” people need love like trees need water. However without love, people can be a cactus…” 


Because water loves cactus, water knows that deep inside cactus’s heart, how much she needs him. Even if her thorns make his hand bleed, he still wants to stay beside her… heart

Author: Hakunamatata


110214 KHUN TOUR. 2PM Nichkhun

by. 쿤땡LUV in Ch’an rak Khun http://www.19880624.com * PLEASE DO NOT REUPLOAD *

(hehe, by the way, please remember these fancams are posted by Khun fans or Hottests, so keep any comments on the youtube page to just khun out of respect for them~) -poga

[Fancam] 110214 KHUN TOUR. 2PM Nichkhun - Rak Tur

by. 쿤땡LUV in Ch’an rak Khun http://www.19880624.com * PLEASE DO NOT REUPLOAD *

Because we all know I can’t resist Khun. -poga

Sketches of Nichkhun


[News]SJ’s Eunhyuk suggested a Khuntoria couple “Passionate Kiss performance”?

SJ’s Eunhyuk suggested a Khuntoria couple “Passionate Kiss performance”?

MBC’s WGM will feature Nichkhun and Victoria’s couple dance practices, the highlight being Khuntoria’s passionate dance performance that was showcased at 2010 MBC Gayo Daejun.

Being experienced in couple dances, Eunhyuk gave some opinions and suggestions to Khuntoria, to the extent of suggesting a “kiss” from the khuntoria couple, causing both Nichkhun and Victoria to panic. For this, Eunhyuk continuously kept giving tips for this “kiss”. Will Khuntoria be doing it in the end? Please look forward to the result.

cr:source/Nate, chinese translation/willily0@winniebar, english translation/December@khuntorialurve