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[Project] Khuntoria’s 1-year anniversary

Please participate~ :] Wanna show Khuntoria our love. EVERYONE, no matter where you are, whether you donate, or what, is welcome to do the fan project.

Donations are always lovely~~~ We’re still very far from our target…

(Click on pretty photo for more info!)

~Donation Post~

So the page doesn’t take forever to load, I’m only putting the basics here, but the details are under the cut, so make sure to check it out!

1] Fan portion - Picture Book & MV (Due by April 23, 2PM KST)

This is open to ALL Khuntorian fans. You do not need to be a donor to be part of this, becuase we’ll include everyone. So please join in and show Khuntorians the love they have around the world!

2] Charity Donation (in Khuntoria’s name)

Donors can vote on which organization to donate to.

Parts 3 and 4 are below cut.

(If anything I wrote up there or in the detailed post below the cut is confusing or you need clarification, email me at khuntorialurve@gmail.com ^^ Thanks!)


1] Fan Portion - Picture Book & MV (Due by April 23, 2PM KST)

This is all about heart! Pour all your heart into creating posters for Khuntoria. We’ll have this on glossy-paper, professionally finished, so it’ll definitely be good (and a bit pricey…but worth it.) The book is only for Khuntoria to see. The MV is for fans around the world to see how many fellow Khuntorians they have.

As you see in this (or this or this one for clearer images) video, fans have small posters with a quick message on them. Basically, make posters with a message like that on them.

Some fans choose to take pictures of themselves holding the posters. You don’t have to do that—just a poster is fine. :]

We’ll be creating a book and MV with these posters/pictures, with the MV to show everyone the support that was given.(If you want you+poster picture in the book but not public MV, email us a version of both and state your preference).


(More at bottom)


  • It’s basically a photo message- so please send us a photo with 15 words maximum (Ex: I love Khuntoria because you make me smile, Khun and Vic are love….)
  • Include your name and city/country in the poster, if it’s possible
  • Make sure the font (of the message/name…) big enough so that even if we reduce your poster to half-page, it’s still visible
  • Make it heartfelt
  • Be creative
  • Have fun

[Send the final product to khuntorialurve@gmail.com. Please include your country and name (real or nickname) so we can show Khuntoria how many different fans around the world they have]

2] Charity Donation (in Khuntoria’s name)

Khun has mentioned charities many times, and Vic’s always wonderfully kind to everyone. They both get so many luxury items from fans, and will once again get them for their 1st anniversary, and we wondered what we could get that they don’t have, yet would enjoy…and then we thought, “Charity.”

We will be donating in Khuntoria’s name. With how “big-chested” Khuntoria is, imagine the smile on Vic’s face and the grin on Khun’s when they see this.

At first, the donations were towards various children charities but with the recent, heartbreaking disaster in Japan, we will be considering donating to an organization there.

Donors have two votes.

One is how to split the donations:
A) If donations are under $1500 USD, then 30% funds will go to the charity chosen and 70% will be used for gifts
B) If donations are over $1500 USD, then it will be a 50/50 split

One is where to donate to:
1) South Korea
2) Japan

So when you donate, just mention what you prefer (or just put A1, A2, B1, or B2) and we’ll tally it in!

How amazing would it be if we could get donations up to $2000 and donate $1000 to a charity?! I hope we can~~~ We really want to be able to show ALL our love, so please, help us make this possible and put a smile on not just Khuntoria’s, but children’s faces.

Do it, do it, do it chu~

3] Gifts

Besides the fan portion and charity, we will have a gifts portion. The gifts are still undecided and depend on funds we receive, so we’ll keep you updated on this!

4] Fan-made song

This is a tentative idea (due to the effort, resources, and editing it would take), but I’m sure many of you heard the Khuntoria Song (linkie!). Some people had the idea of singing it for Khuntoria, recording everyone, and putting it together.

Now, without professional editing and devices, songs don’t always record well no matter the idea, and we also need to finish composing, adding lyrics, etc. So this idea is just tentative. Feel free to give suggestions on how to make it possible, though!

5] (Last minute) Additional “Khuntoria MV  project”:

Apparently, there are a few Khuntorians wanted to make the MV and contribute in the Project. However it’s kind of late now and it’d be weird just to give Khuntoria 1 or 2 MVs from individual fan, right?

So to be fair, we will add the “Fan MV Project” in the 1 Year Project if we have at least 10 MVs by May 5th.

Yes, the Deadline is May 5th ( since we dont have to print and wait for the shipping like the “Fan Message Project”)

The MV can be anything so Be creative and have fun!!!

I’m looking forward to see them


<3 khuntorialurve Staff

P.S. If you haven’t yet, check out how our last project went for Victoria’s birthday HERE.

(Whew, lots to write. If anything I wrote up there is confusing or you need clarification, email me at xxpogaxx@gmail.com ^^ Thanks!)


More fan project pictures!

or (obviously not a Khuntoria one but you get the point :] )

[Fanfic] Khuntoria’s Wedding Photography Mission

Episode 54: Wedding Photography Mission Part 1

BTS of 2PM’s Lotte Duty Free Photo shoot…

While glancing down at his wristwatch, Nichkhun bemoaned silently to himself, “At this rate, I’m definitely going to be late. Victoria’s gonna be so mad at me.

Had it been any other day, Nichkhun was sure that Victoria would have readily forgiven his tardiness. However, on this day, they were scheduled for an appointment to select their attire for their upcoming wedding photography session.

Visualizing the image of Victoria’s displeased expression was enough to compel Nichkhun to act quickly. Thus, having a clear objective in mind, Nichkhun made his way over to the waiting area to join his fellow 2PM group members.

When they were within earshot, Nichkhun asked the group, “Hey guys, would it be okay if I did my solo shots first?”

“Why do you need to go first?” asked Junho inquisitively.

With his trademark toothy grin, plastered on his face, Taecyeon replied, “So he can rush home to have skinship with his wife.”

“Ah… I’m so jealous!” exclaimed Wooyoung as he placed his water bottle down on the nearest table.

Not wanting to be left out of the conversation, Junsu asked, “After being married for over a year, aren’t you two tired of each other yet?”

“We wouldn’t be tired of each other even after being married for 50 years” replied Nichkhun unabashedly.

Nichkhun’s proficiency in the art of cheesiness caused his group members to all shake their heads in disbelief.

As he crossed his arms over his chest to ward off the goose bumps, Chansung proclaimed, “I don’t think I can take any more of this mushiness!”

Being as democratic as possible, Taecyeon responded by saying, “For the sake of our over-sized maknea, I vote to let Khun Hyung go first.”

“Agreed!” yelled the others in unison.

Shrugging off the obvious teasing, Nichkhun said nonchalantly, “Great.”

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[Trans] 2pm Hottest Japan Mobile : Q&A

Jpn-Thai: TK*JiJaR @2pmalways | Thai -Eng by Offogato @2pmalways

Q: What are the latest incidents that made you cry and made you laugh?
TY:Crying for  a scene in Dream High!! For the incident that made me laugh was when Junho’s cakes were dropped to the ground on his birthday party.

Q :: What is the thing that you need to do everyday?
NK :: To be “Happy”

Q :: Why are you called Udon? Who gave you this name?
WY :: It’s the nickname my friends called me because Udon noodles are plump and round just like how my cheeks are and my name is Wooyoung. hahaha-_-

Q :: If it was in Japan, Junho and Wooyoung were to be in the same class. What about in Korea?
JH :: Yes! but where we are studying I am his senior because I entered college before him (laughed)

Q :: You want to be a scientist when you was a child. What about now?
JS :: When I was a child I wanted to be a scientist^^ Now I want to be a world class musician!!

Q ::You once said you have 5 bunches of bananas in one day, is it true?
CS :: 嘘wwwww!!/ it’s a lie!!

[Japanese and Thai omitted. Visit 2pmalways for Thai translations. ^^]

cr: 2pmalways.com

[News] Netizens parody f(x)’s retro “Pinocchio” teasers

via allkpop by VITALSIGN

While waiting for f(x)’s “Pinocchio” comeback, netizens have been spending their time creating parody teasers of the group’s unique retro images.

Amongst other idol parodies are the ‘big bosses’ – Lee Soo Man, Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young, and Kim Young Min – from the ‘big three’ agencies. 

Netizens have hilariously nicknamed them the ‘Boss Group‘.

Fans commented, “I want the Boss Group to debut!”, “The teaser is pretty no matter who you make it with”, and “I want to f(x) soon!”

Meanwhile, f(x) will be releasing their title track on April 18th, followed by their official comeback performance on “Music Bank” on the 22nd.

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

[News] f(x) to release title track ‘PINOCCHIO’ on the 18th of April, at 12 AM KST

에프엑스 [f(x)] - 1집 / 피노키오 (100P 화보 하드커버 양장본) [초도한정 멤버별 포스터 5종중 1종 랜덤 증정]

[Info] f(x)’s album PINOCCHIO is going to come with a 100 page photobook and 5 random posters.

cr: Aff(x)tion Forum Twitter

- - - -

Girl group f(x) is set to finally come back after a year with their new album ‘PINOCCHIO’ and they are going to release ‘PINOCCHIO’ first as a digital single via online music websites on the 18th.

PINOCCHIO will be released on the midnight of April 18th via Melon and several music portal websites followed by the release of the full album on the 20th.

PINOCCHIO is an intense yet radiant beat song accompanied by a distinctive guitar sound. f(x), who are known for their electronic pop music will express their harmonic voice for their new upcoming song.

The lyrics explains about a girl who fell in love curiously and they find love like fairy tale characters, PINOCCHIO talks through a fantasy filled piece which also shows a fun cartooned style theme.

f(x)’s MV teaser for PINOCCHIO will be released on the 15th via SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel and through portal site Naver. The full album is expected to drop on the 20th.

cr: aff(x)tion forums

[News] f(x) to Release New Title Track “Pinocchio”

So it looks like we will be able to see all five f(x) girls—Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli, Crystal—together again this time. f(x), who is preparing for the release of their first official album “Pinocchio” on April 20th, has announced that they will release their title song “Pinocchio” in advance on April 18th midnight through various music portal websites, such as Melon and Bugs Music.

The song “Pinocchio” is an electronic pop dance song with a strong yet restrained beat and unique guitar riff. The song embodies the pure curiosity of a girl who learns about love through the children’s story character Pinocchio.

f(x) will release the “Pinocchio” MV teaser on the 15th, prior to the song release on the 18th, and make their comeback performance on KBS’s “Music Bank” on the 22nd.

cr: Originally written by hurlkie@soompi.com, Translated by cherryspirit@soompi.com

Another version of the title track’s description:

The song lyrics speaks of a girl who analyzes everything about the boy she loves from the view of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet who is prone to tell lies, exaggerating or making up stories

cr: koreaboo.com


[Updated on name & font] Instruction for the Fan Message Project!!!

It seems like a lot people are still confused with how to make the message even we gave a detail instruction earlier, so I just make a separate post for it, to keep it simple


Basically, the message can be anything. You can type, write, put it together piece by piece, and take a picture afterward or even use Photoshop to create it
Here is the link for the long instruction, in case you missed it

You can see some samples here
Or you can take a photo of yourself/ something/someone and post a message after like
or http://www.vimeo.com/19903930

Just please remember:

  • It’s basically a photo message- so please send us a photo with 15 words maximum (Ex: I love Khuntoria because you make me smile, Khun and Vic are love….)
  • Include your name and city/country in the poster, if it’s possible
  • Make sure the font (of the message/name…) big enough so that even if we reduce your poster to half-page, it’s still visible
  • Make it heartfelt
  • Be creative
  • Have fun

[Send the final product to khuntorialurve@gmail.com. Please include your country and name (real or nickname) so we can show Khuntoria how many different fans around the World they have]

To make it easier for you, I attached some samples. Hope this would help ( These are just some samples, and some of them are not Khuntoria-related. They just give u the basic ideas to start with…)

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[wallpapers] fx teaser wallpapers

Here are some really awesome fx wallpapers! ^^


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Y-Star recently aired a television program that unveiled Korea’s Top 50 Most Handsome Men of 2011voted by participants. Shockingly, more male actors made the list compared to male idols.

1. Won Bin
2. Kang Dong Won
3. Hyun Bin
4. Jo In Sung
5. Gong Yoo
6. Go Soo
7. So Ji Sub