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[NOTICE] Message from KhuntoriaLurve (Please Report)

On behalf of International Khuntoria fans,

Khuntorialurve administrators would like to comment on the continuing Twitter spamming issue.The inappropriate, revolting and highly inflammatory remarks contained in these tweets are juvenile attempts to create animosity between different fan bases. The contents of these tweets seem to suggest that the spammers are Khuntoria fans; however, we would beg to differ.

It is unfathomable to think that any fan could spread messages full of sexual innuendos and defamation against Nichkhun or Victoria’s group and family members. As members of Khuntoria’s fandom, we have done our utmost to convey our discontent against these spammers and have repeatedly asked others to report them on Twitter.  

We are greatly disheartened by the willingness of other fan bases to conclude that these spammers are Khuntorians. While it’s impossible to claim that all Khuntorians are of sound mind, we do believe that the majority of people in this fandom are reasonable individuals. While Khuntorians endeavor to respect other fan bases (regardless of whether they share our object of interest or enthusiasm), we would like to request the same courtesy.

Having communicated all of the above, we would like to continue to request that actions be taken to prohibit the further proliferation of this Twitter spamming Issue. So, if your time or penchant permits, please help us to report the accounts listed below on Twitter.

twitter.com/vera_weini | twitter.com/apoll19 | twitter.com/khunloveswei | twitter.com/hasantoria | twitter.com/yob_oung | twitter.com/blissvictoria1 |






[*NEW] https://twitter.com/#!/MIANG5

[*NEW] http://twitter.com/#!/whit_toria

Thank you,

Khuntorialurve admins~

[FANCAM]  111031 2PM - Ultra Lover  LIVE

 cr: chloewu3

Nice performance, 2PM has great energy!


[PICS] 111110 Nichkhun @ Hands Up Tour Press Conference In Jakarta [2]

gladyzkhun :| -Vo

Nichkhun looks so happy ^^

[ENDORSEMENT] 111111 Nichkhun’s new Ad for Brands

Khun’s smile~| -Vo

(Source: khunislove)

[ENDORSEMENT] 111111 Nichkhun’s new Ad for Brands
Khun’s smile~| -Vo

[FANCAMS] 111110 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour Press Conference - Jakarta

cr: lycheepatbingsoo

hehehe Khun-glish! His Thai accent when he speaks English is soo cute. Get ready Jakarta!

Thanks for the tip Guest!


[ENDORSEMENT] 111111 Auction Promo - Victoria

forsongqian: cr: auction || Song Qian Bar | -Vo

[ENDORSEMENT] 111111 Auction Promo - Victoria
forsongqian: cr: auction || Song Qian Bar | -Vo

[PICS] 111110 Nichkhun @ Hands Up Tour Press Conference In Jakarta

cr: as tagged | 우승 / Jung YuRi | Thanks Guest!| -Vo

[UPDATE/PIC] 111111 Victoria’s Me2day


어제 뮤비 잘 보셨나요?트렉스오빠들comeback 축하합니다! ‘창문’ 대박나세요~♡昨天有看MV吗?祝贺TRAX哥哥们comeback~窗 大发~

Trans: Did you see yesterday’s MV? Congratulations on TRAX oppas’ comeback! I hope “Blind” becomes a big hit~♡

cr: Victoria’s ME2day, trans by iheartfx

Holy goodness, why are you soo beautiful Victoria? Look at those eyes. It really isn’t fair. LOL. TRAX fighting!

Thanks for the tip Ken!


[Fanart] The start~ to Khuntoria Forever!

I’m still in their wonderland. Khuntoria Fighting!!


[Fanart] Khuntoria’s cartoon

Looking at these cartoons bring good memories of them :) Are you replaying their ep?? lol



[GIFS] 4721 people showed up at 2PM’s guerilla concert in Bangkok

 caonii: The shock on their faces, adorble!| -Vo 

(Source: braja, via khunislove)

[Gifs/Pics] Victoria @ Trax ‘Blind’ MV

It has been quite some time that I’m Gone missing. Any1 miss me? or No one know  me… lol. -Valerie.



[FANTAKEN] 111110 Hands Up Asia Tour Jakarta Press Conference [5]

cr: asmaraku | wild2day| awww ChanKhun! | -Vo

(Source: wild2day.org, via khunislove)