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[Translation] 110910 Khuntoria Episode 63 

Please note that these are just rough subs done to provide general meaning/understanding for the episode.

- Devo

Episode Title: Maldives Free Time

M: The weather is so nice.

Caption: Free Time obtained at the cost of labor

V: Our free time, free time (?), free time (?) [Note: she is trying to pronounce the word correctly].

V’s Captions:  Utmost (Heart’s) Content

K: Free time

K’s Caption: Expectation

KWill: Where are they going?

K: So today we’ll go snorkeling.

MC’s: Snorkeling!

Caption: Khuntoria Romance: Going to go snorkeling.

V’s Caption: Assa (Horary)

V:  Then later we’ll be with the fish

V’s Caption: Excitement:  Out with fish

K: We’ll be able to see even the big ones.

V: Whoa…

K: (Opening the umbrella hat.) Since it’s hot, let’s use this.

Caption: What (is that)???

V: Why did you have to bring this thing?

K: No, cause its hot here. Can’t have sunburn on your face.

V: Just put it on the hair.

Captions: Just acts with and follows along

K: The weather is really nice

Captions: Anyways, completely protected against UV rays

V: Now come so we can go

Caption: Enjoying free time going sea snorkeling.

V: Whoa, so nice.

K: Oyish.

Caption: Go Go: Departure~!

M: Whoa, waiting (to see what happens).

K’s Caption: Poke

K: Ha ha

V: Completely childish

Caption: Today’s free time is all good

V: But I like childish things

Caption: Good mood. So, what a lovely, lovely day

K:  (Of course) it is

MC’s: It’s nice, totally the best.

K: We are getting sunburned at this beautiful beach.

V: I am totally getting sunburned.

K: Me too, I’m totally sunburned (shows Vic his shoulder)

V: It’s alright. OH SO RACY!

K: Ha… Why are you being like that?

K’s Caption: Joking (racy?)

K: It’s hot (flashes abs)



K’s caption: Kuk Kuk (it’s a way of laughing)

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[Fanmade] 110910 Khuntoria Banners & Wallpapers

Khuntoria’s smiles are even brighter than the sun. I believe that Khuntoria’s fans will always treasure these memories as much as the couple does.

- Devo

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[NEWS] ‘Khuntoria’ snaps new wedding photos at the beach

On this week’s broadcast of MBC‘s “We Got Married“, the “Khuntoria“ couple – 2PM‘s Nichkhun and f(x)‘s Victoria – shot some wedding photos on their last day at the Maldive Islands.

The “Khuntoria” couple headed to the beach, where they enjoyed their time snorkeling and shooting wedding photos by themselves.

The couple had initially appointed a professional photographer for their wedding photo spread, but both were unsatisfied with the results and decided to do a phot shoot by themselves using only a digital camera.

Due to the restricted height of the tripod, the couple constantly had to crouch down to meet the camera’s range. Consequently, they earned themselves a new couple name: the “split legs” couple.

Although they had to use the self-timing function to take pictures, both Nichkhun and Victoria were very satisfied with how the quality of the photos turned out in the end.

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They are addicted to pictures.. our perfect couple.


[GIFs] Khuntoria Farewell Episode 

Omo.. I can’t.. T.T My heart can’t take this.. T.T


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[SCEENCAPS] 110910 Victoria Focus - Khuntoria ep63


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[NEWS] ‘Khuntoria’ couple sheds tears as they announce…

This week’s episode of MBC‘s “We Got Married” aired the couple’s last day at the beautiful Maldives Islands before they were told the sudden news that their virtual marriage would soon come to an end.

On September 10th, 2PM‘s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria spent their last vacation day at a nearby beach, where they had fun snorkeling and playing a game called, “Who can throw their sandals the furthest”. The couple also shot some wedding photos by themselves, since they felt dissatisfied with the pictures taken by a professional photographer.

During her interview with the producer, Victoria expressed, “I’m happy that I was able to spend time with Nichkhun in such a beautiful place like this. The words ‘bartenders’, ‘sailing’ and ‘Maldives’ will always remind me of Nichkhun.” Nichkhun agreed, as he said, “The world ‘Maldives’ reminds me of Victoria.”

Soon after returning to Korea, the couple each received a CD containing video footage of their most memorial moments, including their first awkward meet a year and three months ago.

But the CD had an unexpected message in its last scene, which read, “Nichkhun and Victoria’s virtual marriage will end on August 31st, 00:00.” As soon as the video finished, both Nichkhun and Victoria shed tears of disbelief and sadness over the sudden news.

The last episode of “Khuntoria” will be broadcast this coming September 17th. Stay tuned!

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[NEWS] 110611 Khuntoria’s News Ranking No.1 On Nate (real time) - Maldives, a farewell trip…


and other news about khuntoria are No.12 , no.15 , no.18, no.19, no.23 OMO!!!

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[SCEENCAPS] 110910 Khuntoria Preview EP64


OMO, I’m Almost Cry Now

Oh my favorite couple.. T.T Khunnie T.T Victoria T.T 


[SCREENCAPS] 110910 Khuntoria EP63 [1]


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[SCREENCAPS] 110910 Khuntoria EP63



[INFO] 110910 2PM 1st Japan Arena Tour Details


The details for 2PM’s first Japan arena tour has been decided!
This page will be updated as more info comes out.

2PM ARENA TOUR 2011 “Title Undecided”

12/5 (Mon) Osaka-jou Hall (or Osaka Castle Hall)
12/6 (Tues) Osaka-jou Hall (or Osaka Castle Hall)
12/8 (Thurs) Nagoya Gaishi Hall
12/14 (Wed) Saitama Super Arena
12/17 (Sat) Marine Messe Fukuoka

(Osaka & Nagoya concerts) OPEN: 5pm / START: 7pm
(Saitama concert) OPEN: 4:30pm / START: 7pm
(Fukuoka concert) OPEN: 5pm / START: 6pm

Fee: tickets for all locations are 8200 yen (tax-in)

Presale tickets can be purchased through the 2PM Hottest Japan Mobile site starting 9/12 at 2pm

-dates are written month first, day second (ie - 12/5 = December 5)
-all times are in JST

Source: 2pmjapan.com

Translated by: dawnjelly @ Wild2Day.org

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[LIVE Streaming] WGM Ep 63 - 5:00-6:20 PM KST

We Got Married starts at 5:00PM KST today

( Some sources said that the show may got  broadcasted an hour earlier today, but MBC still shows it will broadcast at 5Pm. So you might want to stream a bit earlier to make sure -K)

via a media player:

There are a few ways to do this - the link to play MBC is this:


Click enter (or whatever you do once you input a link in your browser). Something should pop up prompting you to open a media player. Apparently, any one works (but I think it depends on your codec, because certain ones do audio only or something like that for me). Depending on your player, GOMplayer, realplayer, and windows media player have worked before.

You can also right click on your player, click “open url” and input the link there.



Link: http://www.tvunetworks.com/watchTV/#c=92328

Download the plugin. The website is in English, so it should be simple to get everything needed.



Link : http://www.wix.com/dctiph/livestream

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Link: http://watchonlinee.com/south-korea/mokpo-mbc.html

Link: http://www.livestream.com/bluebeautysj


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[UPDATE] 110910 Khunnie Twitter Updates

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