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[TV] 101205 Section TV - ‘This Christmas - JYPNation’
re-up : Sana

Recap by Egle @2pmalways
As our translator needs to turn in 17 pages essay by tmr, she could recap only things about 2pm from the video,lol Thanks Egle!! we love u!

They get congratulated that their DVD was ranked no 1 on oricon and they say that there’s even a 2pm cafe operating in Japan. Khun says they haven’t been there yet because they were too busy in Korea

MC: Why are you called JYP Nation?
Taec: We’ve gathered for a JYP fam concert for the first time. It’s JYP country, WELCOME!!
They tease that JYP behaves like a newbie
and MC tells Chansung to look after him
Chan: But he’s doing well *pats*

And they say how not everyone has parts in the songs
Taec has to just shout out
and What is Junsu’s part?
And then Yubin says that JYP’s calf muscles are uneven
And Wooyoung explains that one has grown bigger than the other.
JYP says - it’s cuz he’s been dancing on one leg more
Junsu says that once while going home half drunk from a JYP party
in a taxi, Khun opened the window and began rapping with his head out, in Thai

credit : 2pmalways


101205 Preview Dreamtem 2pm E2

upload by KhunNudangkv@youtube


Fancam:101204 Mnet Ultimate Live Singapore-2PM

Lots of 2PM English :’D And they sing I Can’t ;____; AND you can see Taec kissing that girl’s hand bawwww ㅠㅠㅠㅠ <3

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JYP NATION Official Poster

(spot Wooyoungie)

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JYP NATION Official Poster
(spot Wooyoungie)