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[News] 2PM holds a successful Japanese showcase for 8,000 spectators

 [News] 2PM holds a successful Japanese showcase for 8,000 spectators


On May 12th, 2PM held the first showcase for their 5-city Japanese tour at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba. The group performed 23 songs including their Japanese debut single, “Take Off,” which will be released on the 18th, and their hit “Heartbeat.” The event attracted the attention of over 8,000 spectators.

Following their showcase, Japanese media outlets such as Sankei Sports ran new reports displaying their interest in 2PM. Sankei Sports reported, “2PM’s well-sculpted and muscular bodies and bright smiles brought cheers to the audience of 8,000. The audience was very excited. During the encore, the members walked towards the audience and gave people high-fives.” 2PM’s Taecyeon was reported to have said, “Please support the beginning of 2PM in Japan.”

2PM will continue their first Japan tour in cities including Nagoya and Osaka.

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[Eng] Star King ep. 174

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Even if this’s a bit old, but hey, there is Vic’s flexibility and english sub. How can I say “no” to posting then ^^;;

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Another pair of Couple Bracelets?!?!

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Hmm… These two… are too obvious sometimes. Sigh

I wonder how many things have MBC hided away from us? First were the couple rings, now this? I guess that they want to protect uri couple as well ^^

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[Pics]2pm@Tokyo Girls Collection 110305 part 2


[Pics]2pm@Tokyo Girls Collection 110305

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V baby took Khun’s twitter pic


[Screencaps] V baby caps@khuntoria ep36



Preview khuntoria next week
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Nichkhun and Victoria become director and actress on “We Got Married”

On this week’s broadcast of MBC’s “We Got Married”, the “Khuntoria” couple transformed into director Nichkhun and actress Victoria to shoot the teaser video for their performance at the MBC’s ‘2010 Gayo Daejun’.

Nichkhun was given a mission by MBC’s Kim Yoon Gon PD to create a teaser video, and since Nichkhun has already demonstrated his ability to produce and direct music videos, he decided to take on both the planning and the production of their teaser video.

For the video’s cast, Nichkhun chose his ‘wife’ as the main female role without a second thought. Other actors that were cast for the video included Nichkhun himself, 2PM’s Chansung and Junho, as well as 2AM’s Seulong and Jinwoon.

During his one-to-one interview, Nichkhun complimented and gave Victoria a passing grade for her perfect ‘cold-urban-girl’ character concept.

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Khuntoria danced in JYP next week

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Khuntoria pop corn

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[News] Victoria’s burst of aegyo towards Nichkhun, a year her junior

After their rehearsal for their couple dance stage, Nichkhun unexpectedly asked Victoria to call him oppa.
Victoria had mentioned that after seeing how affectionate Nichkhun was towards his little sisters, she wanted to call him oppa too, but was worried he wouldn’t like it. So when Victoria heard Nichkhun, she became flustered and flushed.

On the car journey, Victoria repeatedly asked Nichkhun for the meaning of the lyrics for JYP’s “Elevator”. Nichkhun immediately refused, “There’s no need to know. You are still too young, I am Oppa” Victoria was rendered speechless for a while before calling him ‘Oppa”, causing Nichkhun to feel good.

Victoria became excited and whispered to Nichkhun, “Oppa, don’t speak formally with me”

Nichkhun mentioned in his blackroom interview that he wished for Victoria to call him Oppa, because doing so made him feel like Victoria’s man.

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110305 WGM khuntoria cut EP 36 Part 3 
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110305 WGM khuntoria cut EP 36 Part 2 
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110305 WGM khuntoria cut EP 36 Part 1 start 3.25
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