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Nichkhun’s twitter update


Thank You Singapore for the loud and awesome screams~ Don’t forget to eat and rest your throats! You’ll need it when we come back! =]

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Victoria“ starting to like Nichkhun since marriage”

Victoria’s confession to Khun of her heart on Dec 4th MBC wgm caught audiences’ eyes.

That day Nichkhun and Victoria took a 5 hour flight to pay their first visit on Khun’s family. On their way to Khun’s grandma’s house, Victoria was so nervous to do anything but doongdoong stamping her feet.

At last they went into the house and Victoria met Khun’s mom, grandma, sisters and other family members.

After that, questioned by Khun’s grandma’s ’ when do you start to like Khun’, Victoria shied and replied’ I started to like him since our marriage’, revealing her true heart.

Nichkhun also shied and translated Victoria’s reply for his grandma .

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I think it’s obvious that i love this part so much.. lol

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I think it’s obvious that i love this part so much.. lol

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WGM Khuntoria couple visited Thailand, Khun’s family members are revealed, indeed excellent genes

Nichkhun’s excellent genes caught audiences’ eyes.

In MBC wgm aired on 4th, khuntoria went to Thailand in order to visit khun’s hometown.

That day Nichkhun’s older brother made a surprise appearance in the airport to welcome Khuntoria couple, and audiences are all shocked by their excellent genes.

After that, Khuntoria couple’s visit on grandma’s house received a warm welcome  by khun’s family members and they spent a happy time there.

During the meeting, the good lookings of Nichkhun’s Mom, auntie, grandma are revealed to Korean’s fans, which confirmed Nichkhun’s family’s excellent genes again.

At the same time, Nichkhun’s younger sister Yanin, who are working as a model,  and youngest sister sherleen, who is also fan of f(x), also showed up, making audiences admire their excellent genes deeply.

Furthermore, today’s preview revealed Nichkhun and Victoria’s self-shoot MV in Korea, making next week’s episode expectable.

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Victoria, meet Nichkhun’s family in thailand, ‘mother-in-law’s warm welcome’

Nichkhun and Victoria’s visit in thailand was revealed.MBC wgm aired on Dec 4th told the story that Nichkhun and Victoria showed up early in the airport in order to catch the airplane off for Thailand. Their expressions were full of tension and excitement, showing the looks of newlywed couple who were on their first visit to husband’s family home.

Nichkhun’s older brother Nichan welcomed them in the airport. After they arrived in Thailand, they went directly to Nichkhun’s grandma’s house where all Khun’s family members got together to see Victoria. Khun’s family members were curious abt their marriage life, asking some embarrassing questions, such as’ how you guys fall in love’, and these made Nichkhun and Victoria reallly nervous.

Met and welcomed by Khun’s family, Khuntoria’s Thailand visit will continue to be aired next week.
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what do Khun’s Mom and Victoria have in common: striking?’LOL’

2pm Nichkhun have found the common point between his make-believe wife Victoria and his mother. MBC wgm aired on Dec 4th broadcast the story of Khuntoria couple’s visiting on khun’s grandma’s house in thailand.

Nichkhun was worried abt the inconvenience between Victoria and his family, and asked Victoria to touch her nose 3 times as a hidden signal for help. But Victoria’s unique lively personality and bright smile make her get close to Khun’s family immediately.

Nichkhun sat between his mother and Victoria, making a happy conversation, but during that time Nichkhun’s mother made a small mistake, and she pretended to hit Nichkhun after she was corrected by Nichkhun.

Nichkhun got surprised and said that Mom and Victoria are the same, remembering the scene when he was hit coz of lying abt not bringing his photo diary.

Next week will continue broadcast the story of Victoria’s meet with Nichkhun’s family.

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f(x)’s Victoria finally meets Nichkhun’s family

f(x)’s Victoria was finally able to visit the family of her virtual husband, 2PM’s Nichkhun, during the couple’s visit to Thailand on this week’s episode of MBC’s “We Got Married.

Upon their arrival at the airport, their international fans greeted them wildly and even earned the opportunity to see Nichkhun personally feed pataya to Victoria in the car.

While on the way to meet his family, Victoria attempted to calm her nerves by leaning against his shoulders. Nichkhun tried to come up with a variety of different hidden signals for her to give should she feel uncomfortable.

When they finally arrived at his grandmother’s home, Victoria was warmly greeted by Nichkhun’s family, with his mother even holding her hands and greeting her in Chinese fashion.

His grandmother especially took a great interest in the couple, consistently asking Victoria, “Since when did you realize that you liked Nichkhun?” Victoria answered, “Since we got married.”

Nichkhun began questioning her reply, asking, “Since then? What about before?,” leading Victoria to fix her answer to, “I had interest in you before, you know that.

The music video that the couple created in last week’s episode will be broadcast next week.

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101204 f(x) Koala E10 

part 2

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Vic@today’s charity activity updates 2


Vic@today’s charity activity updates


Vic@today’s charity activity


uncle MC twitter update

jake82054 V교 신도님들..오늘우결 경건한 마음으로 시청바랍니다..다시한번 다음주를 기대하시라..V교 교주가 나라는것을 밝혀드립니다

Members of V gang, hope u guys watch today’s wgm with ur sincere heart, and plz expect next week’s wgm, I will claim that I am the leader of V gang. Keke