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Behind the Scenes on CK CF


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WGM’s PD assesses Victoria’s cuteness

Nickhun’s virtual wife Victoria has a natural cuteness.. Victoria had appeared in Radio Star and melted the hearts of the MCs through the super cuteness of “Oppa” “Hello? I am Pororo”. WGM and Invincible Youth’s Victoria’s cuteness is even able to let the expressionless village chef be happy. Victoria’s cuteness has 3 ways and that is to have a cute expression, intonation and have a good skill of doing splits. It seems like you just have to turn the cuteness ‘on/off’ button and it will be like an automatic vending machine where it can shoot various ways of cuteness.. 

Normally females who likes to show cuteness would easily give an impression of frivolousness or an ‘airhead’. But the China-born Victoria is not one of those.. The people around Victoria all say having lived away from home for a long time has allowed her thinking to be deep and matured. And thus she became f(x)’s leader.. 

Young members of girl groups are usually not good at culinary.. In IY, Victoria easily cooked Mapo Tofu and Fried Rice, showing her culinary skills.  Guys have a longing for girls who can personally cook to entertain friends and family. Victoria’s cuteness combined with these capabilities further shows her uniqueness.. WGM’s PD said Victoria is the kind of person that even though she is having a hard time, she would not show it and she is the type that is outwardly yielding but firm in the inside. And she also possesses inner beauty and cuteness at the same time.. 

Therefore, it corresponds with all that a guy fantasises about..  

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Pic cut from f(x) Behind the Scenes video


Khun pic


Khun pic

Khun’s FanTalk (4th Nov 10)

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