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[Fan-taken][Add ons] Khuntoria@ Jeju Island filming Cabi CF [2]

Much more clearer view ^^.

Don’t stare too long :P 



Look at the last photo , Khun wasn’t please. [Black Face]

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[FANTAKEN] 110602 Khuntoria filmed Cabi @ Jeju


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[Me2Day] Nichkhun’s Me2Day Update/Translation

First he’s kung-fu panda now he says that he’s a hippo; what is Nichkhun doing with this me2day account? Nice to see him in such a playful mood ~

- Devo

안녕! 나 하마ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 쿤 

Translation: Hello! I’m Hippo ㅋㅋㅋㅋ(internet laughing kekekeke) Khun

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[fanart] Khuntoria’s wedding

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[News] Victoria expresses her thoughts on Khuntoria’s 1st anniversary

DISCLAIMER “Please note that this is a Kor-Chi-Eng translation. Due to the difference in these two Asian languages and English, there may be some differences in meaning and connotation in the translation.”

Kim Na young posted on her twitter the following message: “2PM Nichkhun, Fx Victoria’s first anniversary cake. Fans included figurines of the studio emcees on the cake, I am on the extreme left. So pretty”, together with a picture of the aforementioned cake.

Khuntoria is the term used to call Nichkhun and Victoria who are appearing as a virtual couple on MBC’s WGM Season 3. To commemorate their 1st year anniversary, fans have made the cake among other presents. At this time, Victoria also received an interview from Seoul News NTN. She expressed, “People around us have congratulated us for having spent such a long time together. It was only then that I realized that time has indeed flown by really quickly. I didn’t even feel it at all [time passing by]. She added that “there is no way one can get very close through filming only once every other week, but because we have fun filming at the filming locations, we became close. She further praised Nichkhun by saying “he takes care of me very well”.

To show support for Khuntoria’s 1st year anniversary, Chinese fans have posted celebratory ads on public buses, together with pictures of khuntoria and congratulatory messages. 

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[fanart] Khuntoria 1st anniversary

[ADDMORE/ENDORSEMENT] 110601 Khuntoria New Pics Of Carribean Bay [2]

[ADDMORE/ENDORSEMENT] 110601 Khuntoria New Pics Of Carribean Bay [2]


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Tomorrow’s memory - a commemorative video for FX’s NO.1


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F(x) have gone a long way and they really deserve every single award they have won

I cried watching this vid as I can see how much they have been through and improved to get where they are

Jealous people can say whatever they want. We will always support you girls forever

F(x) fighting!!!

Btw, I’m done for the day

Good nite, Khuntorians


[Fanart] Khuntoria 1 year journey

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[Fanart] Khuntoria fan art

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[Fanart] Khuntoria fan art
Pienosuke, you didnt get 2 notes for this, Dear
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[Pic] Vic’s new pic from Cabi Cf

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[ADDMORE/FANTAKEN] 110528 Vic Baby @ Dream Concert p3


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Khuntoria wallpaper<3

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Khuntoria wallpaper&lt;3
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[khun]110601.壹級娛樂.Nichkhun+TVXQ - CF

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Khun’s part: talks about Khun not liking being called pretty or cute, and his amazing body which has caught the attention of the Korean media. Then it talks about him and Taec baring all for the new Coke CF, and him getting on Men’s Health to show all his hard work (on his body).

Then the MC guy goes “Omg, those muscles…so big…” lol-poga