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Fansites collaborate for f(x)’s Inkigayo presents

f(x) baidu, Song Qian baidu, AMBERWA, Soojung-a, and Sulli94 collaborated for today’s presents to f(x) and the staff at Inkigayo.

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Thanks, Jill, for the tip!


2PM Take Off TV size ver.[Promo]

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[Pic] Lotte Duty Free poster


credit to onedayhot-cool@tumblr
taken from 2pmalways


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[ratings] WGM ratings


2011/04/30 WGM Rating

Infornation about the ratings for this weeks We Got Married and competition program 붕어빵

cr: Khuntoria.co.kr


[Fancam] 110422 HopeTV24 f(x) Victoria - Pinocchio (Danger)


source: ilovesongqian.com


Woot! Vic’s very own Korean-based fansite has its videos now…so we can probably look forward to more Vic-focuses now. (-poga)

[Live Streaming] SBS Inkigayo@3:50PM - f(x) “Danger”

Inkigayo 3:50PM KST (check the clock on khuntorialurve for the time)


Link : http://www.wix.com/dctiph/livestream
HD 05

Link: http://soshified.com/pages/videostreaming#channel_chelupa

Link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/chelupa

Link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/inkigayo



Link: http://www.tvunetworks.com/watchTV/#c=81037

Download the plugin. The website is in English, so it should be simple to understand how to do that.


As a note, yes, Inki does have an awards system. Of the four shows - Mnet Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo, only Music Core does not have weekly awards (it has a yearly one). If you really want the rundown on what the awards have factored in, etc, etc…just use google. lol. Or visit chatterous. -poga

f(x) Pinocchio/Danger - Kpop Music Mondays

cr: simonandmartina (EatYourKimchi) @ youtube

Simon and Martina (not sure if you guys know them - they’re both from the site, EatYourKimchi and introduce all this Korean and k-pop stuff and make hilarious spoofs/videos of them. We posted up their interview with Khun once. They’re two Canadians teaching (English) in Korea and just hilarious. They did a video on Danger so here it is~ (poga)

P.S. Don’t take any spoofs/teasing they do badly/personally. They tease EVERYONE and EVERYTHING they see in every single MV. Which makes them hilarious.


They were also at Jeju Inkigayo, behind-the-scenes checking out all the idols and stuff. They met with Amber and talked so if you wanna know who they did (…or didn’t) get to interact with, here it is:

[Fanart]Sketches of Khuntoria ~ BoBo

cr:Amber_why(Amber Kuo)@winniebar


[Gifs]Nichkhun lurve Victoria




[Fan-taken]110421 K-POP Charity Concert [Khun-focus]

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[Pics]110428 f(x) - ShimShimTapa [Victoria]

Cr: imbc
Reuploaded by: Amber Saranghae@iheartfx.com 


[Pics]110429 f(x) - MBC PKL’s Starry Night Radio

cr:source/fx dcinside, 



[Pics/Fantaken] f(x) After Winning no.1 @ Music Bank [110429]


cr: jungsis.com & DC Inside

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110430 Victoria @ KyungBok High School 90th Anniversary