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[Pics] f(x) Auction CF With Shinee


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This is how Khuntoria flirt…


You wanna take it with me? (Refering to the CF w/ Kiss Scene)


Right now??


[fanmade] A short story featuring the Khuntoria family

dec: note that the captions below each picture belong to the author [lorna991@winniebar]. There might be additional comments from myself haha [comments I couldn’t resist not putting^^]

Dec’s Disclaimer: Note that translations are done from Chi-Eng; there may be discrepancies. Rmb that the comments for each screenshot are the thoughts and feelings of the fan.

I always felt that this scene showed a dad looking for children after finishing work, to see if they had caused any trouble! Truth: Yes~Khun daddy~ your daughter did something bad~~

[dec: and here comes Vic carrying husband khun’s briefcase backpack]

Mum~~I’m so hungry~~

Hungry?~~Mummy will cook now, will be done quickly~ wait a bit~

Daddy, come and help me

Why do I feel this scene is in perfect harmony, so perfect?~ Why?~

Shoo, children, go play at one side~ Daddy will call you after we have cooked dinner~

Go and watch tv~~be good~

Why am I feeling touched?

Children~~~ What are you doing?~~How can you just dunk the entire blanket into the bathtub??

dec: and the little children obediently go off and watch tv [note their socks-covered feet..aww so cute]

"Shaolin Khun" showing off his culinary skill

Look at his concerned expression~~everyone look at his change of expression!

If anyone dares to say he doesn’t like Vic, I’m gonna hit that someone!

Dancing after being complimented by his wife~~~so cute~~

"Wow~~~~" His gasp made me happy~ ahaha~~~Vic is indeed incredible~

Great chef Vic!!!!

Cr: lorna991@winniebar

Eng trans/december@khuntorialurve

[screencaps] Nichkhun @ Look Optical cf

[fanart] Khuntoria~


I am angry because I care

I am jealous because I like [you].


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[Mag] Vic for InStyle Magazine

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[screencaps] Vic at Inkigayo 01052011

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[gifs] Nichkhun for Look Optical CF

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[gifs] WGM ep 44 30042011 [2]

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[CF]2PM - Look Optical 15 sec

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[02052011] Music Core - f(x) Danger

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No win today. :( But hope for next week!

[screencaps] fx at Inkigayo

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110430 [Fancam] f(x) - NU AB0, Gangsta B0y &Danger

[gifs] WGM ep 44 30042011