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[Info] Khuntorialurve’s Gifts for Khuntoria’s 1 Year Anniversary

Thank you to all who contributed (time, funds (donations), effort, support, etc.) to the Khuntoria 1 Year Anniversary project. The generosity of Khuntorians all around the world made it possible for the project to be such a huge SUCCESS!

Since we’ve received confirmation that the gifts have been delivered to Khuntoria, the Khuntorialurve admins would like to show (brag about) the gifts that were presented to uri lovely couple, from all of us (and you) here!

Total Cost of Project: $4181.03 USD

Total Time/Effort Put into Project: Countless

Total Reward for Completing Project Successfully: PRICELESS!!

The Gifts Wrapped Up Nicely

1. Save the Children Charity Donation Certificates ($1250.00 USD donation)

2. His/Her’s Fan Message Books (Special thanks to everyone who submitted posters and to K for putting everything together so well)




3. Commemorative Engraved Picture Frames and Artwork

4. Khuntoria Jigsaw Puzzles

5. His/Her’s Embroidered Blankets

6. The Key to My Heart (Engraved K/V)

7. His/Her’s Matching Steering Wheel Key chains (to celebrate the couple’s achievements in getting their licenses together)

8. Scented Nieman Marcus Royalty Candle set (Thai Princess/Chinese Princess)

9. Matching T-shirts, Stuffed Dolls, Heart CD Case Holders, Romantic Love Songs CDs, Precious Moments 1 Year Anniversary Couple Snowglobe

10. Engraved Reasons I Love You Pebbles

11. Infinity Bracelet, Infinity Cuff Links

12. Khuntoria fanfic collection (on flash drives), Fanmade Videos & Video of Fan Message Book

13. Contribution to Khuntoria Cafe Lunchbox/Children’s Corporation Donation Projects (Khuntoria fans and fangroups/blogs from all over the world helped make this possible, and we’re glad we were able to help out!)

14. Contribution to Khuntoria Cafe Newspaper Ad Project (Can you find our message in there? ^^)

Message from Khuntorialurve (written by our lovely Devoted2U):

To: Khuntoria
May today be filled with the memories of how you began your journey together. Within the confines of a measured system of seconds (31,556,736 ), minutes (525,945.6), hours (8,765.76), days (365.24), weeks (52.177) and months (12); Khuntoria has allowed fans to witness the development of an immeasurable bond of friendship, camaraderie and affection. International Khuntoria fans would like to wish you both the best as you continue to pursue your dreams and thank you for reminding many of us how we felt when we first fell in love.
International Khuntorians


Please thank our awesome admins for putting this ALL together. They put in countless hours, fees, and more to make this as awesome as it could be - many, many hours of stress, communications, and hard work to get it done. Be sure, especially, to thank K for putting together the entire fan-project photobook, organizing fan-videos/art/etc, and maintaining communications to Khuntoriaworld to make sure our gifts got there; and also make sure to thank Devoted2U, who collected your donations, bought all the gifts, and put everything together (all the wrapping, donation certificate, gifts bought, etc, etc were done by her in her own free time). It took an incredible amount of help and work, but it’s an incredible finish.

Thank you, as well, to all our donors and participants of the fan project who made this possible. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!

<3 khuntorialurve

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